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  1. My experience with the Cobra class 14 splitter... there were a few problems initially, but Steve immediately shipped out what I needed to correct the problem. Great customer service. It doesn't like soft leather but I expected that. I've only used it for veg so far and really haven't used it that much because I'm in the process of moving into another shop. It won't split less than about 2 oz at a time but that shouldn't be a problem. Going from 10 to 2 smaller pieces you can do in 2 passes. for 10 to 6-7 then down to 2. For bigger pieces say about 10 in. wide go from 10 to 8 to 5 then 2. I use mostly veg so my plan is to buy 9-10 only and split it down to whatever I need. I have successfully split down to 1 oz, but that is very iffy. Some will do great and some will get chewed up. Also the harder the leather the more passes you need to make. There's very little if any variance between one side of the piece and the other. When going down to 2-3 oz the trailing edge will sometimes be a little thinner than the rest so you just need to allow an extra inch or so. One of the best purchases I've made. I highly recommend it. I hope this helps.
  2. HCLW

    Like new Leather tools lot

    Still available?
  3. HCLW

    Singer 111 153w adjustments

    Turning just before bottoming out helped a little. Tightened bobbin thread helped just a little more but still leaves a loop. Turning a corner is usually ok but turning around to lock the stitches leaves at least a small loop half the time. Could it be a timing issue? I’ve checked the timing as best I know how and it seems ok to me. I have a cobra class 26 and all instructions I’ve seen says to turn your piece immediately after the needle starts up... confusing.
  4. HCLW

    Singer 111 153w adjustments

    I think I’ve tried that but I’ll try again. thanks
  5. I have an 111 153 that sews pretty good until you do a u turn to lock the stitches down. The bottom thread leaves a loop. The bobbin tension is at max. The knot is perfectly centered. I’m turning it just when the needle starts back up. Any advice?
  6. I can’t drive that long. I have to have a driver or drive one way stay the night and drive back the next (my son sucks sometimes) so I pulled the trigger on it and ordered one for 2650.00 shipped. Will update once I use it a little.
  7. There’s a place about 3 hours from me that I can go try a cobra Class 14 but I found a place I can get it for about 250 less considering travel etc. but I can’t try it first. Dang!
  8. I just talked to my friend. His machine guy said it needs different rollers and some adjusting. No way can I afford a new band knife. As I am disabled this is mostly a hobby I’m trying to make pay for it’s self. I’ll wait until he gets his machine worked on and try again. thanks for all the responses
  9. I’m looking to get a splitter to split hard veg tan for holsters. I took some to a guy with a Fortuna 12 in and it just didn’t seem to want to do the job. The leather was 11 1/2 in. wide. Would a fixed blade like cowboy or cobra do better? Is there a waste factor with a fixed blade ( like the leading and trailing edges)? Thanks in advance for any advice y’all can give.
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    Consew 227R

    Where in western NC?
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    Blue guns for sale.

    Will you take $35.00 for the bodyguard?
  12. HCLW

    Blue guns for sale.

    Are these new?
  13. HCLW

    Cobra Class 4 Like New

    Would you be interested in trading on a class 26?
  14. Thank you, I ordered them should be in this week.
  15. Thank you. I found the part and ordered it today.