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  1. I've been making a whole load of belts recently, and I'm slowly realising I need to invest in a leather burnihsing machine, to speed up each project and improve the quality of my work. I have seen a new craftool pro burnishing machine that Tandy sells for $350 CAD with their elite discount. Just wondering if anyone has any other recommendations before I pull the plug and get one.
  2. rivetandchain

    Where does Tandy’s leather come from?

    Thanks everyone!
  3. I’m hoping someone knows where Tandy’s veg tanned leather comes from, specifically their tooling leather, harness leather and the European single bends that they sell. Any insight would be much appreciated. I'm in Canada, I'm not sure whether that changes things considering Tandy has locations around the world. I would just like to know which tanneries they buy from.