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  1. Skygypsy

    Needles on Cowboy CB4500

    A few years down the line and another new guy reading about similar issues an the choice of smaller needles for projects as I start out with a 4500. Did you ever have plates made and put up for sale?
  2. Skygypsy

    Singer 29 -4 Skipping Stiches

    I am havin a similar problem with my patchers now. I have a few one short arm and two long arms. The problem only seems to show or affect the top of the work. I am trying to show a picture on here too but it Sew’s very even neat stitches and with no real cause or anything o predict it it seems to leave a big loop out and then carries on again as normal..... any elp greatly appreciated...PB if it works the second picture is the underside of the work...