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  1. I bought a Thor 1541s... it sews 270 poly just fine.
  2. The Juki 1541 lists 138 thread max, 1541 clones list 270 thread max.
  3. Rustic

    1541s clones

    Preference? Some seem to have better features than the juki ?
  4. Rustic

    Consew 206rb1

    I picked one up the other day, I am pleasantly surprised on how modern it feels for an older machine. i am guessing is was made in the late 70’s? anyone have one of these, thoughts about good and bad?…
  5. Rustic

    Damaged juki

    Juki 1508 dropped while moving, the main shaft got pushed from right to left Approximately a quarter of an inch. Is there any way of fixing this?
  6. Rustic

    Servo Motor

    Thank you, it seams most servo motors are much the same with the exception of the high dollar ones?
  7. Rustic

    Servo Motor

    Any suggestions? Reliable, Juki, sailright, consew, etc...
  8. Rustic

    Cowboy or cobra?

    Veg tan leather...
  9. Rustic


    I found a 1 1/4 inch binder w/Knurled presser feet for $21 bucks... works great no mods needed. Thanks guys...
  10. Rustic


    I am thinking a 1 1/4 one finished edge, with 92 poly thread, upholstery leather, Vinyl etc.
  11. Rustic

    Nicer thread stand?

    This is pretty cool...
  12. What is the difference between the 1508, 1508n, 1508ns, 1508nh, 1508h????
  13. Rustic


    Google has no info
  14. Rustic


    1 1/4 binder for Juki 1508, where to start...