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  1. Thank you so much! I appreciate so much the knowledge you share here. I really need my machine back to work so, thanks again! -Sunny
  2. Hi, I have a Consew 225, and I need to replace the screw that holds the needle in place and the thread guide screw. The thread guide screw is super tiny so I wondered if someone might know of a source that will for sure have that screw to sell. So, I need 2 different sized screws. I have attached a picture of the thread guide that needs the replacement screw. thread guide screw needle holder screw Thank you, -Sunny Insert other media
  3. Thanks for the answers. Could you post a close up video of the action of your patcher in operation so I can see what it should look like? No videos show these close up running. Should the timing of the take up lever (purple arrow) and the lift of the cup (blue arrow) coincide with the highest lift of the thread by the take up lever? If the cup lifted the thread would be able to slip as the lever travels to its highest point, allowing the thread to slip through the plates enough to make a stitch. Mine WON"T do this and the thread is so tight that the thread take up lever is fighting to pull up even with the thread tension knob barely threaded on, meaning almost ZERO tension.
  4. Hi, Any suggestions on where to buy this part? Mine is worn to the point it won't lift cup to relieve tension. Any Singer Patcher with a similar part that might be interchangeable? If no part available, could this be replicated or welded? Thanks in advance
  5. Thanks for all the suggestions. I compressed the spring a bit with pliers and switched the bobbin winder nut for the bobbin tension nut and that has taken enough pressure off to allow good stitching. Shortening the spring would have definitely helped too, but since I don't have a spare I'm hesitant to change it up very much. If I find another spring I will definitely do it though. Thanks again!
  6. I have tried using thin threads but the upper tension grip remains cinched tight. Machine is threaded correctly, I have the original manual and have double checked that. I think I will try another tension spring that is lighter duty or shorter and see if that might work. The disc under both plates is original and I have cleaned the plate areas and there doesn't seem to be any rub or catch areas. Even when I have gotten it to sew nice stitches the upper tension is still over tight, I don't want to cause my machine unnecessary wear from the overpulling on the upper thread
  7. Here are some pictures of the Adler 30-10. I am not sure of the thread size since it was included with the machine and labels are missing. I put the thicker thread on top and the slightly less thick, softer thread in the bobbin. I will try to upload a video real quick like.
  8. Thanks so much for your offer of help:) I will take some video and pics in the light of day tomorrow, I tried this evening but they just lacked good clarity:) I do have the thin disc under the top tension discs. The needle is a Groz-Beckert 29x4
  9. Hello, I have an Adler 30-10 that has a death grip on the upper thread. The plates DO separate when the lift lever is up and a tiny amount of thread is pulled from the spool when the needle is going into material, but when it lifts up the plates are so firmly locked down that the thread is simply over-pulled for the take up lever to rise without making a pop sound. I've read through all the posts and done all the recommended settings but even when the upper tension screw is almost undone the plates don't release enough for the thread to ease through the plates enough at highest lever rise. This high tension is causing the material to gather up and makes the bobbin thread lie flat on top of the stitch. Could someone post a picture of the adjustment area so I can maybe get those plates to give up thread at the right time? Thanks to all for their knowledge and hopefully I can get a good stitch from this machine very soon.
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