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  1. Thankyou. Uwe! Your patience and the simple way you explain the process is appreciated.I am working on the needle timing with the vibrating presser foot ,so as the presser foot touches the needle plate the needle should be entering the material and then together feed to the rear and then the needle should come out of material before vibrating presser lifts off material to move forward. Any words of wisdom? Richard
  2. Something is not in sinc. Is there a measurement when thread pickup arm is at topdead for distance from top of needle bar to bottom end. This is a salvaged machine from a long defunct sewing mach store. parts and or adjustments may be off. Need help in the chronology of getting it timed and running. The belt is timed to the marks. The thread length adjustment knob on the pulley wheel did not ingage so I followed the instructions from singer book, set to 8 stitch length, unscrew and set screw and retighten. What is the step by step to follow to get in time? Thankyou in advance
  3. There are no marks on my needle bar. What are the measurements?
  4. Well its been a long week, having difficulty posting picks so here is what I have,I was able to find instruction manual on( nick-o sewing mach llc) and it showed that disk( pic 6) was to adjust the"sewing foot stroke" from A@ 1.5mm to F@ 6mm by pushing button on top of machine locking the shaft and then turning the hand wheel to the new sewing foot stroke, releasing button and its set.I made contact with a local shop and was told to rotate bottom shaft until feed dogs were flush with needle plate rotate the top shaft bringing the needles down until they were flush to dogs,then gently slider belt back on and it should be timed. I slipped a feeler gage(.005) on top of feed dogs then lowered needles to just touching and slipped belt on, second time worked great and was picking bobbin thread in short order after sliding belt tensioner in and rotating until firm then tightening set screw. Pic (6) also shows the broken off oiler hose connection to site glass and am hoping once all else is working to gently drill out broken part and epoxy a brass 90 to reattach hose. Lets go to the bobbins as the left is working nice but the right will pick when I hand turn and not pick under power,it is also missing parts under the bobbin housing looking under mach. and would love to send the pick but I am close to inept @ computer crap. Not quite ready yo take the other side apart to see if I can fab. something, but close. Thankyou Uwe and gottaknow
  5. Working on pics, The pdf you referenced has a pic of the disc with the letter sequence on fig 28 and those can be seen thru the site glass oil viewing on face of my mach.
  6. Also on the top shaft is a disk with letter stamps F E D C B A - A B C D E on radius edge and seen from viewing glass on front of mach.Probably important?
  7. Darn, the top shaft does not engage the feed dogs, it does needles and compound presser foot up and down, the lower does bobbin and feed dogs also needle fee,.also where to find self oiler tubing?
  8. Good Morning all, first time poster.Need help with re-timing the adler after I slipped the timing belt off the cog pulleys in order to isolate the upper shaft [needle] and lower gearing[bobbin] to unstick the old girl. It is untuck now so I need to put it back together. I am in deep! ANY HELP
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