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  1. Hello, I bought some toads and need to recover some of the cost, 5 1/2" toads are $8, 6" toads are $9, 9" toads are $20. Let me know if anyone is interested, these are the same toads listed at $14 on Springfield leathers website. Thanks, Dan
  2. Here is the selection, mostly m4 size with varied lengths. Length works for jackets, ends pull apart. The 2 m6 sizes I have are in a copper/nickle finish with a teardrop pull, with white and cream nylon. I have a few other colors with the clear, not a big fan of them. I have a bunch of each, $10 per
  3. I don't have any in size 8 or 10, but do have some black teeth on m4 with the zuff pull.
  4. Hello all, I bought a ton of Riri zippers and have too many at the moment for me to use on all my own projects, Id like to sell a few of them to help recover the cost. I have them in several finishes in a few sizes, asking $10 each. If multiples are bought, I'll throw in some extra (: Some of these zipper pulls are more than $15 online. Zippers can be trimmed to size you need. I'll post pictures soon, let me know if you are interested. Thanks! Dan
  5. Do you still have any exotic skins available?
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