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  1. I keep loosing my long wallet out of my pocket and want to add a leather chain, cord whatever you want to call it. I have done some braiding but not much. I know how to add the first swivel snap but not the second to make look smooth and correct. Is there any good Utube videos or other ideas that anyone can help me with. Thanks for any help you can give me.
  2. So the guy decided he didn't want lined. I decided to attempt and use neatsfoot oil. It soften the leather. My first time using oil but I like way it turned out.
  3. Thanks Dwight I will have to try that. By the way like your saying at bottom. have a great day and may you be blessed.
  4. I have a guy that wants a ww2 holster with flap. I have made several holsters using 7,8,9 oz veg tanned leather. I have made him at least three. I always line mine unless instructed otherwise. He wants one with a soft lining and I'm not sure what to use or if it can be done. I usually use a 1 to 1.5 oz pig skin to line. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I have customer that wants a belt with two prong 1 3/4 inch in gun metal color. I can find 1 1/2 and can find 1 3/4 in brass but not gun metal. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  6. That's a learning experience, but I guess that expanding my knowledge. Thanks for everyone's advice.
  7. This is pics of what I finished with.
  8. Where there is a will there is a way. So I found it these conches are m4. So I went to local hardware and bought some m4 with tapered head. Got my dremel out with small grinding head and went to work reducing diameter of screw head. Got it to fit in both sides of the line 20. Head was little long to snap so I put sanding disk on and reduced it. Now I have to cut to length but that no problem. Hope no one else runs into this problem, but that's one solution maybe not only one.
  9. Thanks for info fredk. I have a tap but was afraid I might really mess threads up, but if I do I can maybe glue in like you.
  10. JREESER1 unfortunately that won't work on line 20 which is what is on it. Unfortunately I can't change without tearing whole wallet apart due to how he wanted the card holders. I do thank you though. Snap is so close to card holder that two pockets are not usable if line 24 is on. Learned a lesson, to not let someone change my original design.
  11. Thanks i may be hitting it to hard. Yes I am using hand setter. I will try lighter hits and turn as I do.
  12. I recently made a biker wallet with line 20 snaps, because line 24 were causing interference with card pocket. That's way customer wanted. He contacted me and said one of snaps fell off. We talked about putting conchology on but I can't find screw with small enough head and have length I need. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Maybe even a different route. Thank you in advance .
  13. I always use a lighter and lightly burn the fuzz off after leather dries. That's way Tandy instructor showed me when I made a filigree belt. Don't get to close, it does it quick. BE CAREFUL if you try. Good luck.
  14. I showed my sample to customer and he wanted to take the risk. Lighter blue is after. Thanks for everyone's help. I hope this also helps someone else.
  15. I tried a white wash on small piece and put the dye over, wow it really lightened it up. I punched hole in and put on my key chain to give it a time test. I will let you know after a month or so how it's wearing, maybe that will be long enough.
  16. I will try sometime on my own stuff and see before I put out to friend or customer. Thanks
  17. This may sound crazy but if I used white paint as you say and then blue over will it crack through dye like some of paints do over time. I have never tried that. I tried some pretty crazy things to me. I used barge cement on piece of scrap trying to block then use blue. Just curious. Thanks.
  18. Thanks for all the help. The guy I am making for was happy with when I showed him today. I thought about paint idea but I was afraid over time it would crack and he doesn't want cracks. Surprise birthday gift for his wife. Thanks again this was learning experience.
  19. This was before I put super sheen on. I took a surgeon scalpel and scraped black off and lightly sanded then redyed. Rubbed bees wax over then applied resolene. I got a little color but still not happy with.
  20. Ran into another problem with this today. Used turquoise dye straight out of bottle let dry about 12 hrs got color a little darker than I wanted but could live with then put super sheen on to seal dye and it turned black on me. I have no idea what I did wrong, open for any comments. Thanks
  21. I have fiebings light blue and turquoise leather dye. I have tried to dilute with isopropyl alcohol and denatured alcohol. I need a very light blue. I can get color I want on white paper but when I try on scrap piece of leather it's always to dark. I have tried to put on extremely thin, unsuccessfully. Thanks for any advice anyone can give me. I have successfully got pink from red before but can't seem to get the blue.
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