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  1. Does anyone know what’s going on with the vendors for buckles out there? Weaver has been sold out of 1 1/2 center bar buckles for a hot minute, and I don’t know the cause.
  2. I must be missing something here. Their prices seem way higher than most other leather suppliers on the interwebs. Is there a commercial site that has lower prices?
  3. Can someone please... please tell me where I can find some buckles that resemble this and some snaps? I've been to every website mentioned on here trying to find 1 1/2 buckles that are black (not gunmetal) but can't seem to find this treasure trove in the sky that so many other folks seem to have access to, with regards to buckle hardware. I've been to the buckle guy, the ohio site, tandy doesn't carry anything that's black, and i know it exists (i've got the picture to prove it). Any help with this would be amazing. I've got an order asking for something similar, and I can't track down anything that looks like them. ETA: I think I found one at Weaver. I'm going to call them tomorrow.
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