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  1. How did your quiver turn out? any photos and thanks for the info on art
  2. Does anyone remember the target quiver that was in the nov 93 issue of lc&sj. I know it was a long time ago but so far looking around the net its the only one ive seen. I am going to order the back issue but would like to know if its worth the trouble to get it over to here. Thanks for any help you can offer
  3. Im after a side quiver, my whole family shoots target bows. After wearing out two sythetic quivers i now want a leather one. My father used to do a little leatherwork years ago but got rid of his gear when he turned to silver work. So after allways liking the look of carved leather things i want to learn to do it myself
  4. Hi to all, I am interested in carving leather with the hope to eventually make myself a good target quvier. Any of you who live here in australia where do you get your supplies? One day i hope to be able to produce something remotely close to what i have seen here. P.S if anyone has a pattern for a quiver that i could see that would be great
  5. Sorry to get off track but tashabear could you please post pictures of your quiver i am trying to get ideas to make myself a quiver.
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