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  1. I live close to them so I've never had anything shipped but I can tell you that they will go the extra mile every time to make sure you're happy. I've always felt that they go above and beyond what any other leather store would do for me and would highly recommend them to anyone. When I went in the first time I'd never done any leather work at all but had an idea of making a pool cue case. Kevin took the time to listen to what I had in mind and gave me some great advice on what I needed to get to get the job done. What really surprised me was he didn't try and sell me a bunch of things I didn't need like a lot places would have done, but instead he told me the bare essentials I would need to do the project. I had some things already picked out that I thought I needed (but really didn't) and he was honest enough to say you really don't need that, and guided me in the right and cheaper direction. He even took the time to show me how easy it would be to learn to do some basic tooling to enhance the project by doing a quick floral tooling demo for me. To me that's putting the customer first!
  2. That's beautiful, is the handle olive wood?
  3. Thanks for the reply's guys. I think I'll go with the drill press version.
  4. Do most of you that use these use them on a dremel or a drill press? I'd like to try one but I'm not sure which would work better.
  5. RustyMelton


    I have much better luck with the one like bearman posted. I don't leave as many unwanted marks with it, I think because I may have a little better control pushing it by hand rather than with a maul. You can pick a cheap one of those up for around 7 bucks. Some people on here have posted that they have made them out of old screwdrivers.
  6. This is a great site with a ton of information, I know I don't give enough. I'm glad this thread was here to remind me.
  7. I think the plexiglass makes a great tool holder, looks like you made a great one. Here's a picture of a tool set I bought and it came in a plexiglass case the owner had made for it. He made a wood stand that goes under it and plexiglass cover that fits over the whole thing and sets into the wood base at the bottom.
  8. Hi Louro, If you look on springfield leathers website, look on the front page and it's under bargain roundup #3. I don't know if this link will work but here's the page it's on http://springfieldle...gain-Roundup-3/ . The petal lifter is pretty sharp on the end, I just put it in the area to be lifted and just gently push it into the cut and it lifts up the leather. I've been using a old craftool and didn't have as good of luck with it as I've had with the lifter, but I didn't modify it as King'sX mentioned doing. Rusty I just noticed that it appears to be labeled wrong on the site, it says that it is a bar grounder. The number on the leaf liner is PB016 even though it says it's a bar grounder.
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