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  1. Look a the vendors at the top of the site... I like the Cobra Class 3 for all my work. Call Steve the owner, and he will help you find the best one in your budget range for you. Even if its brand not carried by him. In some instances he may be able to help you find financing that will help you, especially if you have enough to put down to get as low a rate as possible. Hope this helps you...
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    Walmart, and mickael coalsel
  3. Sorry I did not see this sooner. Between my customers request, and some issues old folks get, and the Doctors involved I haven't been on the site much. Now 2018 the knife is based on a Chan Design. It was suggested by JC, it's his modified version of this model of knife. I have not had any problems using it in either hand. I use it in my left one about 60% of the time, and the right hand about 40% of the time. I also use both hands 100%+100%=200% of the time when I'm eating! LOL...
  4. I started young in life. In the beginning when I started charging I would charge about 10% less than what was the going price for the same quality items at the area shows. I always kept 20% of the money collected for future in vestments. Paid myself 25% of what I charged as a wage. I raised my pricing at every show. I had a shop cost code one every style item on my table. I did not price anything. I would say I'm about 10% less than what simular quality items are here at the show. I would allow them to pay me. If the price they were offering to pay me was not equal to or more than my code then I would say I was not ready to sale that piece yet. Most cases they would pay more than I though it was worth. Now 20 years later I have set my prices. I'm one of the higher priced folks at the show. I do not lower my prices. If it does not sell at this show I pull it from the next show the third show it's back on my table as a new added item ..
  5. I posted it on my personal FB page for my leather craft friends to see...
  6. I still have Tandy tools from my cub scout set of tools. From when I was 10 years old. I still buy an occasional tool from them. Most of my older tools are Midaus NW gold tools. Very expensive these days. Most of my new tools are Barry Kings. Reasonable price for great quality tools. Check them out... The last photo shows 3 of my 7 Barry swivel knives. I've added 2 more in the last year...
  7. I use piece of cleaned empty platic milk container. Works pretty well for me. I glue it with paper glue. It comes off pretty easy when I done...
  8. A good instrutable is found here: https://www.google.com/amp/www.instructables.com/id/Battle-Ready-Leather-Armor/%3famp_page=true I'v made several sets of armor including my own. I use 12 to 15 oz leather for clients. Mine the first one I did was two layers of 8 oz Barge glued together. I've never colored the inside. I always wear a T-SHIRT, and running shorts under it. I used leather that came dyed black from the tanner. Over time about three years of hard weekend use it started to lose color on the inside due to wear. We left it that way to show age,and battel wear. I'm interested in hearing if, and how others do it too. These are the only photos on my nee cellphone of armor related items as I only make custom armor for a very small group. I do not solicit that kind of work.
  9. The patch is a great way to do this. If you do not have the skills to tool it go to a used clothing store, and buy an old cowboy belt. Cut a piece that you like, and attach it to the holster. A lot simpler than tooling a patch.
  10. I first use a large metal thumb guard from a fabric store. Then found a leather craft palm guard which i use today. I have both a left, and a right hand one hanging on my tool rack with in easy reach. Most leather suppliers carry them. For finger protion when pull thread I used small gator front leg skins, until my friend that hunted them past away. Now days I use rhino skins manufactured by the owner of Rhino Knifes in San Monica, CA. ***Edit: He makes them for knife makers to wear while grinding, since I'm also a bladesmith I have several pairs of these in both shops.*** These work very well for me.
  11. With friends and family I've done similar things. My mistake is mine. If a regular client does not check off right, or left. I normally do not start till they do. An email with the answer is enought to start. I cc my starting email response to myself including the email sent to me as part of the response. That way no problems for either of us...
  12. I just line it with some other thinner leather, or a small scrap piece of exotic as a bonus no extra change to my client for this well deserving knife. The other option I save the piece for the next slightly smaller sheath for a LH, or RH client. Hopefully the piece will be for a LH person. That will give me the reason as a bladesmith to forge me another knife! LOL...
  13. I like it! Very nice, I've been a LOTR follower since before the movies...
  14. Just saw this. I have 8 BK SKs. 4 with custom yokes, and a fully custom one of a kind he made me which I sent to Sandi Sturgeon to custom engrave to my specs. I never have had an issue with blades, or anything from is shop. Great products, nice staff, and fast delivery every time. Hope you contacted him to resolve your issue! Photo of my full custom...PicPlayPost_20171114_14_32_33.mp4 https://m.facebook.com/sandi.sturgeon.52
  15. As a bladesmith that forges custom knives, and has two handcrafted semi-production lines I craft a lot of sheaths, holsters, and hathet edge covers. I also do some reenactment pieces, and leather aromor. Plus all the small stuff from scrap leather most makers put on their show tables...
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