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  1. Well the world ain't linear friend. The long story: I have always used NFO, just a bit to get the leather smooth and pliable again after dyeing etc. And like the mighty bumblebee I've painted and finished over it to no ill effects throughout the years. Now, checking YT etc I see people like Don Gonzales basically propagating the use of olive oil so I try it out and it works fine. Thing is, besides a few B/W Sheridan style pieces where I used black dye and acrylic finisher (or wax) I didn't paint any projects, hence my post to check the HowWhenWhatnow. One thing I have noticed using regular oil is that you need to use more to get the same effect as NFO, so wondering if that may have an effect on any acrylics.
  2. Well, I use flax seed or olive oil. Just did a test where I took it one step further and put down some mink oil and then an acrylic finish on top of that. It worked but had a fatty feel to it which makes me think the pores in the leather will accommodate both products. The piece was very water resistant but after vigorous rubbing with my thumb until warm 'something' came off. Piece was waterproof still so guessing the mink oil had absorbed into the pores while the acrylic just laid on top.
  3. Yup, that's what I mean. It doesn't really make sense that things like glue or paint adhere to fat/oily surfaces, yet still it works here. Will it work long term? I have some stuff painted with the Cova acrylics that's about eight years old now that's still looking good. Anyone with more experience than me?
  4. Recently I've seen a few posts where folks say they won't oil the leather 'cos they then can't paint it with acrylics, or even finish with acrylics. Hmm, I've never had a problem adding NFO and then putting a finish on. Right now I use Angelus Matte finish, but also have Resolene and Tan Kote. Sometimes I oil and then paint with Angelus paints or use the AB with Jacquard, all acrylics. So far no problem. The workflow most touted here is Oil then Finish, usually with acrylic finishers. So what gives? Why won't people paint with acrylics over oil but are happy to finish with them? Superstitions? Facts?
  5. Add paint to trough, turn on machine, edge some leather.
  6. Very nice! I'm so happy you didn't paint it with a lot of cheesy acrylics, the all brown is sweet!
  7. I use a 0.5 nozzle for sealers. Sometimes a 0.3 with thinned Angelus finish. My favorite right now is the Jacquard Clear Varnish.
  8. It's most likely nothing wrong with your airbrush. Number one thing to do when using sealers in an AB is to reduce properly. Sealers are usually very thick and 1. won't work at all or 2. will clog your nozzle very quickly if not reduced. Clean thoroughly, reduce the sealer and try again. Even reduced they will cause tip dry and clog up quickly so spray some cleaner through periodically while working. Unless you're making huge pieces of leather like bike seats etc, there's no need for an HVLP gun.
  9. I have a customer that insists on a mark, and I even had to put some in after delivery because I forgot. Why do they keep bugging me about it? Because an artist should sign their work...
  10. Vegetable oil is preferred by all the leatherworking vegans...
  11. Depending on the effect you want you may find this useful
  12. That's nice, works better than the black version. Good job!
  13. Don't forget to put on one of these whenever using dangerous machinery like sewing machines or clicker presses, it may save you from all the throat cutting flying debris that we leatherworkers have to put up with. (Just having fun, no disrespect to the OP that obviously needs/wants protection. Better safe than sorry.) (Pic found on Google, remove if not OK for any reason)
  14. Looks very nice. Personally I would have gone with a covered snap as closure for such a luxury item, though the button stud is nice too.
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