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  1. robs456

    Is Facebook now Vegan????

    Going on topic again. I was in a store that sold belts that were clearly plastic and with a quality not warranting the hefty price tag. When I cautiously offered a steady supply of high quality leather belts I got the reply that all their products are vegan. "Mine too!" I replied, "with the exception for the odd fly or worm I guess, but those are most certainly accidental only!" The lady went blank and whimpered a "No...."
  2. robs456

    Is Facebook now Vegan????

    Going OT, but of course! The way I've always figured it is that we drill kilometers down for oil but find fossils basically just laying around in the deserts. They can't really be related... But like you say, the myth is popular and the crowd knows little.
  3. robs456

    Is Facebook now Vegan????

    Haha, reminds me of one of my favorite stories ever. A Swedish militant animal rights group once raided a mink farm somewhere in Sweden and released around 100 minks. Because it's wrong to kill etc etc. Well, most died within a couple of days as they could not get food or knew how to live in the woods... ....ummm wait it's terrible, shouldn't laugh.....but WTH...
  4. robs456

    Is Facebook now Vegan????

    At least only humans have to die for oil...and dinosaurs...
  5. robs456

    Is Facebook now Vegan????

    Nah, I'm just starting a Shopify store connected to FB markets and run ads via FB too and I have no problems. I would guess it's someone in the local FB office that is a militant vegan or it's 'cos of 'exotics' mentioned or something.
  6. I like the one to the right, but only if there's a light wheel on dark background and a dark on the light.
  7. robs456

    New airbrush station.

  8. robs456

    This MUST be a Joke!! ...Nope!

    In Sweden they do....
  9. robs456

    This MUST be a Joke!! ...Nope!

    Man, people are the same wherever you go in the world. I've traveled a lot, worked for extended periods in many countries all over the world. Culture differs but people do not. So we get the same joys and problems everywhere...
  10. robs456

    This MUST be a Joke!! ...Nope!

    Like I said, tools (weapons) don't kill, stupid humans do. Soon they'll ban opposable thumbs, 'cos they're enablers.... Thing is these bans may save some lives, but in the big picture they do the opposite. Only the criminals have weapons these days, and the Police. But in my area the Police can't act/don't act so what we have are large suburbs/projects that are being run by criminals and ordinary people/civilians are scared into submission. And when you have a large piece of your population living scared your democracy has not basically what I'm saying is: let people have the means to defend themselves or relinquish democracy.
  11. robs456

    This MUST be a Joke!! ...Nope!

    Ha! Soon there will be a ban on kitchen knives. You can only buy and use kitchen knives if you're a licensed kitchen worker, and then only in designated professional kitchens. All meat you buy will be pre-cut in-store. All veggies too. It's convenient and safe for us all. Aww, come on! As I always say, it's not the weapon that kills, it's the stupid human.
  12. robs456

    Leather suspenders with a holster

    OT- Those Amish punks get rowdy...
  13. robs456

    Finished Sheath for Customer!

    Yup, that's what it's all about in the end...
  14. robs456

    Finished Sheath for Customer!

    Thanks, and yes, for a leg tie. I liked the look without it, but then in this case, function trumped style, so there it is. I'll be honest, 'cos I think you can take it and I know you want to improve. I think the hole ruins it. It's a beautiful sheath, with nice carving, stitching, colors, design. And pierced by a hole. Couldn't you have sewn a loop to the back piece, all hidden like? Or protruding from the tip? As it was for a customer maybe you didn't have a choice, but for me this is an eyesore in an otherwise perfect sheath. I also guess there were no eyelets that fit? That's a problem I tend to have... And again, on the whole a VERY nice sheath.
  15. robs456

    Finished Sheath for Customer!

    Nice. But why the hole, for a leg strap or something?