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  1. robs456

    This MUST be a Joke!! ...Nope!

    Like I said, tools (weapons) don't kill, stupid humans do. Soon they'll ban opposable thumbs, 'cos they're enablers.... Thing is these bans may save some lives, but in the big picture they do the opposite. Only the criminals have weapons these days, and the Police. But in my area the Police can't act/don't act so what we have are large suburbs/projects that are being run by criminals and ordinary people/civilians are scared into submission. And when you have a large piece of your population living scared your democracy has not basically what I'm saying is: let people have the means to defend themselves or relinquish democracy.
  2. robs456

    This MUST be a Joke!! ...Nope!

    Ha! Soon there will be a ban on kitchen knives. You can only buy and use kitchen knives if you're a licensed kitchen worker, and then only in designated professional kitchens. All meat you buy will be pre-cut in-store. All veggies too. It's convenient and safe for us all. Aww, come on! As I always say, it's not the weapon that kills, it's the stupid human.
  3. robs456

    Leather suspenders with a holster

    OT- Those Amish punks get rowdy...
  4. robs456

    Finished Sheath for Customer!

    Yup, that's what it's all about in the end...
  5. robs456

    Finished Sheath for Customer!

    Thanks, and yes, for a leg tie. I liked the look without it, but then in this case, function trumped style, so there it is. I'll be honest, 'cos I think you can take it and I know you want to improve. I think the hole ruins it. It's a beautiful sheath, with nice carving, stitching, colors, design. And pierced by a hole. Couldn't you have sewn a loop to the back piece, all hidden like? Or protruding from the tip? As it was for a customer maybe you didn't have a choice, but for me this is an eyesore in an otherwise perfect sheath. I also guess there were no eyelets that fit? That's a problem I tend to have... And again, on the whole a VERY nice sheath.
  6. robs456

    Finished Sheath for Customer!

    Nice. But why the hole, for a leg strap or something?
  7. robs456


    Yes, leatherworking and other crafts are popular right now, with the good and bad that comes with it like atrocious quality items for sale online or hobbyists dumping prices. With more people to compete those with knowledge will be more hesitant to help out others even if that could be counterproductve (you gain skills when you teach etc). I think that might be what you're reacting to on FB (and here).
  8. robs456


    Yes. But I'd like to think of it as they're getting offended by me rather than me offending them.
  9. robs456


    Mostly the sensitivity. And the fact that people feel they have to be social on social media. That works on a food pic (Looks tasty!) but if asked for advice on stitching just shut up unless you really know your stuff and have sound advice to give. The arguing comes when some fool is overconfident in his/her abilities....
  10. robs456


    When I joined the forum, nine years ago today actually, it was way different than it is today. I managed to pick up stuff that propelled my skills and I learned things in months that others had worked years to develop. I don't see that a newbie can get the same leap from the advice given today. No offense guys... Sure, the pinned posts and the videos everyone gets pointed to will help anyone that want to put the effort in to get better, but the 'masters' don't post here anymore. It's great with a community that supports each other and all, but if someone posts in 'Critique' and asks how to improve his rather crooked stitching he'll get five 'your stitches look better than mine' and maybe one 'are you using a chisel?' replies. Not that helpful. I'd say that if you're new to leatherworking and just found the forum you should start by reading all pinned posts and then search for posts older than say five years before posting a question. And that's some free advice you can take to the bank....
  11. robs456

    Flat (?) edge burnishing

    I got mine from Tandy, I think they still sell them.
  12. robs456

    Flat (?) edge burnishing

    They probably used a flat edger or a French edger. +1 on the rest.
  13. robs456

    Strap Scrap...suggestions please ;)

    That's for connecting the flux capacitor to the DeLorean, they're just using it wrong.
  14. robs456


    That's the people not caring to learn things right and just wings it. They want to make a cool 'thing' but it comes out looking crap and then they don't see that their skills are lacking, no of course that's how it's SUPPOSED to look 'cos it's handmade.... I do my best to do things the right way and for me handmade means that I have better 'control' of the product and can make it a little bit 'extra', even if that takes more time. I can't charge extra for that time though, but I will charge more due to the better quality. If that makes sense...
  15. Thanks. Yeah, I use an eraser to remove the pieces that won't brush off, and I'll try the talcum powder method next time.