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  1. I wasn't trying to be rude brining up your age. If it came across that way, my apologies. I wasn't thinking about your job possibly being an apprenticeship or even a step in the direction of a career. I was thinking it was just a job and about jobs I've had that I didn't like. I do wish you the best.
  2. Thought it might be something like that. $10 each. Might get one and put a blade in it, they are adjust where the one I have now isnt. Thanks Mike.
  3. I have to ask, what is the 3 "S" rule? To SheepdogL, have you talked to him about a raise? Have you thought about finding a different job? You may enjoy working leather, but you can do that at home for yourself. Being stuck in a job that causes mental stress isn't worth it in my opinion. Stress like that can cause other health problems to arise. There are probably other dojos in the area as well. I'm guessing you are a younger person, talk to your parents about it and get their advice too. Just my 2 cents. I wish you the best. Rob
  4. Hi folks, I found out that a friend has a couple of swivel knives he will sell me pretty cheap. They are not the typical knife blade profile though. They cut ridges instead of a single cut line. The saddle is adjustable. They look like they have been around for quite a while. The "blade" profiles look kind of like this: Has anyone ever seen a blade profile like this? Think they are worth getting? Sorry, I don't have any actual pictures of them yet.
  5. Next time you're at tandy, ask if they know of anyone in you're area. See if there is a way to contact them. Can't hurt to ask if you can watch what they do. Doesn't tandy have lessons too?
  6. I think it was a post here on this site, but I don't remember who's post it was.
  7. Every video I've seen or even pics, when people were wetting their leather, they were using a natural looking sponge. Is there a reason for that? Can I use a new kitchen sponge, the kind with a scrubbing thing on it?
  8. Jim, you can do it as cheaply as you want, almost. This is the type of coal forge I started with. I used an empty freon jug from an air conditioning place, cut it in half, put a pipe in it, drill holes in it. Then after that, I put in some clay I dug up from a river bank. Add a hose and a hair dryer along with charcoal, it got hot enough to burn and melt steal. https://goo.gl/images/bvf7am
  9. Peters valley is a good place to go. If you're a tool junkie, blacksmithing may not be for you lol. I want a couple of hammers from specific makers. They start at about $80-100 and go up from there. Many of the tools you will use, you can make yourself.
  10. There are plenty of groups all over the states. Check out this link. Then find your state. You can contact them to find a group that meets close to you. https://abana.org/affiliates/affiliate-map-list/#!directory/map Typically, you don't have to join a club to go to a few meetings. Just find out when and where they meet. Show up with some safety glasses and you could most likely start forging that day. Ask questions. Every blacksmith I've met or talked to was always willing to help out. The people there can show you how it's done. Ask who in the group makes damascus. Tell them what you want made and you probably will leave there having met the person or having gotten their contact info. Hope this helps. Rob
  11. Or if you would rather, join this FB group and make a post asking for damascus makers in your area. https://www.facebook.com/groups/541243726021154/
  12. JLSLeather, fredk and Clintock, thanks for the information about the leather. The carving leather from tandy (6-9 oz), where do they probably get it from? If I'm only going to buy a small piece, I'd probably go to a smaller store I pass by on my way to work for convince and to give them a little support. If I'm going to buy a half a shoulder or a full one, would I get a better deal from tandy or right from one of the tanneries? Thanks again.
  13. A damascus buckle would have to be treated with something to prevent rusting. Typically, damascus is made with a high carbon steel and a high nickle steel. Some people have had bad reactions to nickle when it comes into contact with the skin. The high carbon steel is the one that would rust and is the reason it would need to be treated with something like wax or an oil. I am in a FB group for blacksmithing. I'm sure someone there can make one for you or at least point you to someone in your area that can. Is there a way to send private messages here through the site? If there is, Jimmy, please send me your contact info and basic area of where you live and I'll see if I can get you in contact with someone that can help you. Rob.
  14. Thanks for the info fredk. If it's not that good for carving, what do people usually use it for?
  15. This is partly what it looks like.
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