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  1. Hey Elon, I’m looking into these machines for bag making. We do leather and waxed canvas work and need a machine to bind edges with 1” and 1 1/2” bias tape. With pockets, some of these pieces might be fairly thick (3 or 4 pieces of 3-4oz leather plus edge binding). Wondering what your thoughts are on the Adler 669 after having it a while and if you think this would suit our needs? Any other advice from Adler users would be appreciated too!
  2. My Easy Edger is leaving lines on the bottom side of the strap where it comes into contact with the feet that press the leather against the blades. I’ve tried adjusting the position of those feet but it seems when the feet are loose enough to not mark the leather they aren’t keeping enough pressure on the strap and when they’re tight enough to keep the leather pressed against the blade they’re marking the leather. Has anyone dealt with this issue before? Weaver suggested I adjust the foot position but alas, here we are. Is this just a compromise people make for the convenience of easy strap edging? I’d just as soon bevel them by hand as to leave marks in my leather. The only straps I use are Wickett & Craig Harness leather which seems to be quite susceptible to this issue. Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. Curious how this binding attachment worked out for you? Also did it take much prototyping fro them to get an attachment that suited your needs?
  4. I am up against this same issue. Searching all over for a hemmer foot or attachment that will fold 15oz waxed canvas and leather. Contacted sail rite and they said they haven't found one that works yet. If I have any luck i'll post here.
  5. Thanks Webicons, that is a great idea about making modular setups. As I produce a few more designs I’ll definitely consider this. Im currently cutting by hand but looking at making a clicker. The modified bearing press looks like a good inexpensive method but I’d prefer to make one with a swing arm. Haven seen any online aside from custom expensive ones. Looking to make one though.. any ideas on that?
  6. https://ibb.co/d6ACfz https://ibb.co/dBZG7e https://ibb.co/cPVCfz Hey there, I’ve made a few toolbelts over the past couple of months and have been looking to steer my business in this direction (work gear, pouches, aprons, tool rolls). The design of the pouches are done w the customers as far as placement and size of bags, and little add ons. I’m mostly looking for help marketing this stuff and making it. Looking for tools to help speed up the process, tough materials to make it with, and places to market this gear that tradesmen and women will see it. Have any of you dabbled in this area before? Any help is appreciated. Thanks! -Kyle www.pheesoriginalgoods.ca
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