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  1. Last week I was working on some single magazine pouches for 9 mm and it kinda struck me. Hey, wouldn't a pouch for a small bottle of hand sanitizer be a fun and easy project. I made one for myself that is just like a mag pouch and clips onto my belt. I thought I could improve the design so I did some figuring and these were the result. They are made from 4-5 oz veg tan and are based on an easy design that I adapted from Al Stohlman's books. They were a quick and easy little project and people I have shown them to so far, think they are neat.
  2. I recently ordered from them. (was getting the same El-Paso location as everyone else, I'm in Ontario). My order was first routed to New Brunswick and then onto Vancouver. They did not have all the items I ordered in stock so they called me and we discussed a suitable replacement. The order was then processed and shipped from Vancouver (took about a week to arrive). Overall, still a positive experience. (BTW, the side of veg tanned leather they sent is one of the nicest pieces I have seen from Tandy either in store or ordered online.)
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