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  1. yes from scratch no templates or videos just staright off of memory
  2. Now Im sure this is a popular topic that has already been talked about, however, I am interested in learning how to price my leather. Now that i have gotten skill under my belt people are wanting to pay for my items. My only issue is pricing it. I understand the principle of (Material cost x labor x 2) to get your wholesale price and so on. How do i go about figuring out my material cost? I.E cost of the amount of thread used, Leather size, studs and rivets per each. I buy in bulk so I cant justify making a name tag with one rivet that cost $40 in a bag of 100 or more. Im sure I can price the leather by square footage as well. My thread spools are large so how do i price the amount of thread? Looking for any advice on this from professionals and trying to turn a profit on my work. Not to make a killing just to continuously fund my work and help it grow.
  3. thanks! Im no where close to where i want to be so learning everything I can is the biggest goal right now. I know there are big debates on curing etc. as well
  4. So I have recently decided on what area I want to specialize in for leather work. Holsters, belts, equestrian accessories, etc. Leather that will be used out doors and beat up. MY question to all the veterans is.. What do you do to make sure the leather will hold up to the elements and against torture out in the field? Making a product your proud of and can trust is something i wanna base my products off of. Tips?
  5. This is the new work bench I have been putting together however I hit a snag. As you can see I have peg board on the back with the intention of just hanging my tools and having racks for them. However most of the tools are to slender to be held by the hooks or dont have holes in them to hang. Any alternative ideas on mounting my tools to the board?
  6. Thanks for the replies. I was just curious about the copyright and patent thing as well because their disclaimer says "copyright" so maybe the do mean the photos them selves cant be used as your own. The we own all these designs was the kicker to me.
  7. my question on copy right aand reference to the " only so many ways to make a boat" i make dog collars as part of my line. upon searching the web for collar parts I.E D rings, buckles etc. i came a across a website with this design which is a basic design that everyone uses. HOWEVER. their copyright claim states that all products and designs are theirs. how can they say that and not get in trouble?
  8. @JerseyFirefighter i actualy am a full time firefighter in nc thats one of my biggest projects i work on its where i started and love it
  9. Thanks for the replys, that was my main concern, Im fully capable of affording the project just wasnt sure on how popular it would be with people and if production would get haulted or elongated!
  10. Hi, Bobby here New to leather work only for a few months. I’m not bad but want to get better because I love the craft. I’ve made many things for friends and they seemed to enjoy it. Recently want to start up a campaign on kick starter to fund a gun holster and fire fighter radio strap project. Any my advice on this? What would be the best way to go? Thanks
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