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  1. So I have the craftool b203 beveler which is small. My projects are small for now. I want a Barry king steep beveler but I don’t know which to buy that is approx the same size. What are the sizes of the Barry king beveler. I’m thinking 00 or 0 but I don’t want it too small. Can someone help.
  2. I basically dont know what I was doing and just turned it into practice. will do thanks for the heads up. Ill pay close attention again.
  3. This is what im going for. The design way lighter, the tooling dark because of the antiquing, and the rest of the leather with colored with whatever dye.
  4. This is my second attempt. This time I put one application on vegetable oil on the back side and it did not bleed to the other side like the other one (which leads me to believe I put too much). I did dye the background then the rest of the sheath second. I applied Satin Shene and I did notice the tooling got a little dark but wasnt too bad. I then added the antique and this was the end product. Still not bad but not what im looking for. I dont mind the tooling a little darker that normal but this is way too dark for what I am going for.
  5. Yea im going to buy NeetsFoot but I guess I was just experimenting. I think I just put way too much and it soaked all the way through. I am trying out another one with way less oil right now. just too see what it does, next time I go to tandy ill get some NeetsFoot and also some Tan kote.
  6. Im trying something new by using veg oil on my stuff and this is my first issue. So I tried to dye my leather first then I used Satin Shene on the dyed parts once that dried I put veg oil on the both backsides. Thinking nothing of it also to keep the sheath oiled. What ended up happening was my tooling went dark on me. Will it lighten up again or am I screwed? I shouldn't have used the finisher before the oil just yet but I had forgot to oil my project and figured what the hell. What I "think" my steps should be is to dye the background first, oil, add a finisher (I used Eco-Flo Satin Shene instead of Tan Cote) then add my antiquing. Im trying to do it how Don Gonzales does this in his video on making pancake knife sheaths. The picture obviously the right side should be first.
  7. I like it alot, so ive been away for a little while. What size punches are you using? Also what is the belt is 2" wide.
  8. I get it. I'll try raising mine but I will definitely be looking for a better one asap. I just started carving and I love it. Thanks for the advice from everyone.
  9. I didn't know they make sleeves. That would help tremendously. Yeah I use masking tape it is ugly but it helped a little. I may have to do this on my stamps. I was working on a small sheath this morning and had to stop because my hands were killing me.
  10. Thanks for all the tips and places to look for knew knifes. I see some very impressive collections so it doesn't hurt to have more. Question on this, is having a lot just for collecting? Or do some people have different knifes for specific purposes?
  11. So ive been playing with leather carving and I am currently borrowing a swivel knife from a friend that is from an old Tandy kit. I am not happy with it and it cramps my hand, I dont know if its just the knife or my lack of experience(which im sure has alot to do with it). I was looking at buying my own swivel knife and was looking at the Ergo handle knife from Tandy or something else. I am going to buy a stamp from Pro Leather Carvers and was thinking about throwing in a swivel knife they carry but the large one that is 1/2 diameter. I dont know anything about this tool and I am very interested. A problem that I have and im assuming is very common is that my curves are very choppy. Can someone help me with this before I order from the website. Thanks again
  12. I have a question about this tooling. Does anyone know if this is a specific tool or someone stamped a circle and then cut the lines?
  13. I'll check them all out, thank y'all for the responses. Amazon kept popping up when I was looking and wasn't sure what to expect.
  14. Im still very new to leather working, I have been doing it for about 3 months. I am looking for a turquoise color thread and my local Tandy did not have any. Where can I find this color online that is suitable for saddle stitching?
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