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    hot foil machine and stamping machine
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    i want sell my machine
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  1. leather size is 5*9 cm it`s kind of big one, but it works well you can check the machine here
  2. it`s very nice hot foil machine. it use many of brand shops
  3. It`s amazing font storage box. It stably stores a large amount of letters. If you are curious about product, you can check it here
  4. Hellow everyone i opended the online shop! if you want to use world best hot stamping machine , contact to me anytime www.hotstampingmachine.com my shop!
  5. It can slidethe table ( left to right. Up and down) It use 400W The retail price is usd1550
  6. hellow the price usd 1100 (included shipping charge ) and it can make 220v or 110v or freevolt. if you want, i can make 220v only delivery time is about 2 weeks i use EMS and payment is paypal or wiretransfer thanks you . please give me answer cova80@naver.com
  7. IronbridgeKOREA


    i am looking the company can sell my machine. +8201028187903 cova80@naver.com
  8. Hello everyone i invented the machine . it used Samsonite and hartmman. how about it?. i can sell anybody because i invented. thanks you
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