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  1. Hi there. I came across this website searching for information on Adler sewing machines. I don't have any experience with industrial type sewing machines, but I am looking to purchase my first one. I have two Adler 267 gk373's about 20 miles away from me that I am interested in for the walking foot feature. I have read that parts and things are more expensive and harder to come by. With this in mind the price for each is only $900. From what I see that is a decent price for an Adler. The owner says that he purchased them a year ago from a factory that was closing down where they were used every day. They don't know much about the machine and said one seems to run fine and thinks the others timing is off because the needle won't grab the thread from the bobbin. I have googled some of Uwe Ross' videos explaining how to fix two of the possible problems and it seems fairly simple. While the sewing machines are the same model they look slightly different. The logo is different and the tack on one of the machines looks homemade or something because the edges are so jagged. Could you guys take a look at the pictures attached and tell me what you think? I'm supposed to go look at them today, but I would like to know which machine I should go for to get a good deal considering everything. Any information you could tell me about what the different serial numbers and tacks mean is very appreciated. I want to be semi ready to negotiate a price. Any haggling advice is appreciated as well. Thank you so much for your time.
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