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  1. Acox

    First real project

    Great first project.
  2. Acox

    Kangaroo Hide

    I've not bought any Kangaroo hide for at least 10 years, so needing suggestions on who's the best seller now a days. ?? Making mostly necklaces & bracelets but I also made a pair of Hobbles with rawhide slides. With me being down with a knee replacement gone bad with infection I've been out of work so decided to keep busy would try and get some braiding done I've had 9 surgeries since 4-18-19, been on a IV antibiotic every day for 4 months, and IV that I gave to myself 3 times a day every day for 2 months, 11 blood transfusions and right now I don't have a knee, I only have a straight spacer in between my knee bones to hold them apart in hopes of getting a new replacement put in On Nov 18th. Wish me luck and until then to keep myself busy and from going insane trying to learn the art of braiding.
  3. Paracord to practice with as you can untie, unbraid it several times using it over & over to learn can buy it anywhere cheep. After learning you will find the thin light stuff easier to use. Like KnotHead said though when your ready to braid or tie knots Kangaroo lace is a great option.
  4. Thank you all, I've been off work with medical issue of a knee replacement gone bad. Infection took over my leg and I almost lost a leg but now infection is on the run even though I'm not running yet since they had to take out the replacement making me without a knee joint at the moment so have time to braid. So far bracelets is all I've done while I'm trying to learn how to braid and work knots again. Few years back made a matching color set of romel reins & hobbles so got pretty good at knots, restarting this hobby I've found out that working a knot is not like riding a bike and never forgetting. Learning all over again.
  5. Great ideas all, I think I know how to get the project started now. Like the pvc idea for sizing and I'm going to try and use kangaroo leather and rawhide to braid a button over the pvc and tape.
  6. Howdy trying to figure out how to make a scarf slide. What do you use as the inner slide? looking at pictures I think I saw some using metal and others leather. I have some cooper tubing would that work? Do you need to the kangaroo or rawhide knot with anything to hold it together??
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