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  1. Try searching pfaff 26-55 dln8 , as far as pictures either resize or take a screenshot.
  2. Nate1977


    So I decided to try the 6 strand lanyard that starts on page 107 of David Morgans book fine leather braiding. Tried the braided yoke , the wear leather seems to wide , or I am going from 3 strand to 6 strand completely wrong? Can't seem to get the back tight here either ? I think I got the second traiston right but not sure about that either.
  3. Nate1977

    Sliding knot

    Thanks and hate those power losses.
  4. Got ya , don't normally fold cash before I put cash in my wallet.
  5. Welcome kinda new here myself. Would love to see some pictures of your knifes and sheaths
  6. I like the looks of it , have to agree with the others on the stitching . Just made for cards? I don't see a cash pocket?
  7. So picked up some granger lace , and worked through a lanyard. Not sure if I want to leave the drop as is or do something else(not sure what). Thinking I should used 1/8" and went for a 6 or 8 strand. And started in the middle. Used 1/4" 2strands halfed , I left the loop I started on and braided around it at the yoke(? )tapering it out. Need to find a knot that will look decent at the yoke in 1/4" (thinking I will have better results with 1/8") Happy with the overall results definitely learned a few things. Any advice on drop or yoke knot ?
  8. Nate1977

    Sliding knot

    I have alot of round cord I use for Christmas Ornaments that I turn. So don't feel bad if I screw up tying and not super hard to undo.
  9. Nate1977

    Sliding knot

    Thanks , @BantOZ I think I am understanding you , cut ends short and tuck after tightening. Trying to learn some of the different knots.
  10. Nate1977

    Sliding knot

    Thank you Roo , I think I got it , now how do you finish off? Just trim the ends or tuck somewhere?
  11. Hi, any pictures of you knifes ? Do you do Damascus?
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