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  1. sheldonesh

    Union lockstitch in action

    I worked for smuckers harness 1997-1999, and we were incredibly busy. It was good times!
  2. sheldonesh

    Union lockstitch in action

    The guy in the video is the son of Moses Smucker, he owns smuckers harness now.
  3. sheldonesh

    Union lockstitch in action

    Yes, its a gast air motor. I think there is more control in comparison to electric motors
  4. sheldonesh

    C.S. Osborne No. 86 splitter restoration

    Yeah i wished it did lap skives, for now my round knife will work. I bought a lot of tools and that was included. Very happy with my purchase. Its hard to sell old tools that you've used for years. I can relate with you
  5. Restoration and sharpening of C.S Osborne No. 86 splitter