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  1. Inherited a saddle that was damaged with water. Anyone out there have the remedy, to remove them or blend in a color? Sure would be appreciated. Thanks, Mike
  2. About two years ago, I purchased a set of copper rivet setting tools. I would like to purchase another set for #9. They are a set of three piece tools, one to set the burr, one to round the burr end and a cap rounder. What I am trying to find out if anyone knows of the company or person that makes these sets. I can't find who I bought them from. They were advertising in one of the trade magazines, but I can't find the ad or info on who they are. Any help? I have the combo tool for doing #9s, but it doesn't let me set the burr on the long rivets. Thanks. Mike
  3. Thanks Deb. I saw that on a website, but someone had put in a negative review, but I will give them a try. I'm sure they will give me a base to work off of. I also have account with Springfeild, so I will give them a call and get hooked up. Thanks again. Mike
  4. Half chaps are mainly English, but there are western style. They are like mountain boots with the bottom missing. They cover the lower leg, like a tall boot. Mike
  5. How's everyone? If anyone out there could head me in the direction of some patterns for half chaps. I had never even thought of them until today. A customer asked if I could make her some nice leather half chaps. I have an idea, but a pattern would sure help. Thanks, I know with all the knowledge that reins in our leather world, someone will be able to help me. Thanks, Mike
  6. Reminds me of the clicker I made for a couple hundred,(got the idea from Heather at Texas Custom Dies). It is amazing how much money we can save doing projects like this. Mike
  7. Get rid of the leatherrookie name. Doesn't fit anymore. Mike
  8. Just wanted to say, beautiful, just beautiful. Mike
  9. I know this is an old thread, but just stumbled on it. If you haven't done anything yet. Texas Custom Dies (Heather) sent me pictures of the clicker and I made one myself. You can buy the "H" press at Harbor Freight and have someone that does welding put the plates on for you. Mine is a 20 ton hydraulic jack and I can cut through the thickest leather (I use only Texas Dies, they are the sharpest). I had a fabricator do the welding and it works great. I use it almost everyday. The total cost for building was $275 and you don't need electricity. I'm probably late, but thought I would throw this out to you. Mike
  10. Just want to give you a big thanks, it took a few times, but finally got it. Thanks again, Mike
  11. Mike, Thanks for the info, understand what you are saying. Can't wait to give it a try. Should do what I am looking for. I just couldn't see myself with a small brush covering all those tiny pieces. Thanks again. Mike
  12. Terry, Thanks, I used some tan kote and paste, then reapplied some more tan coat keeping the towel flat and I came out with what I wanted (almost), Thanks for your input and I try not to use any of the Eco antiques. I don't care for them. Feibling is all I use. Thanks again/ Mike
  13. Thanks Terry, I have tried a total sheridan block, but used liquid antique, I have some paste, I will try that. Maybe if I use something like a bag kote, do you think it would let more of the color come through? Maybe this is one place that the paste will work. Thanks and I will try the paste. Thanks again and I will let you know what happens. Mike
  14. Thanks Kate, I wish I could put it out there for you to see, but they don't want their logo exposed until they expose it themselves. I have applied antique many times, but this has such big areas and small areas, that it is hard to keep the stain in the big lower areas. Thanks for the info, I'll keep trying, something will click. Mike
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