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  1. Hello everyone, new here but i been 3d printing stamps for a while before I found this forum so I will try to shine in. I think what you see on the print is just the limitation of the 3d printer, letters are always tricky, they don't print right when they are small and they deform if you put to much pressure on them when you stamp. The only setting that I can think might help is ironing and that might smooth out the print on the top layers.
  2. Thank you Wizcrafts, backing off the pressure screw worked great, very minimal marking now.
  3. Hello everyone, I found this forum a while ago but this will be my first post. I only had my Cobra class 26 for about 2 weeks but I love how this machine functions, I'm learning every day more things about it. My problem (well other then learning how to stitch better with it) is that the presser foot marks the material, on chrome tan is not that noticeable but on some of the vegetable tan sometimes it marks it pretty bad, is there something I can do to not marker it that bad, or maybe a new foot I can buy for this purpose? Thanks everyone. P.S. I tried to search for this on the forum but I couldn't really find anything.
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