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  1. I have two Leather Wrangler knives and they are great - in my opinion they are among the best available.
  2. The older Gomph overstitch tools are the best I've used. They give a nice, deep, consistent impression.
  3. All DVDs, books and pattern packs are now SOLD.
  4. All of the books and the Chan Geer DVD are now sold. Just the Jeremiah Watt DVDs and the pattern packs still available. The Jeremiah Watt DVDs are a 2-DVD set with the first DVD being approximately 4 hours long and the second DVD being approximately 2 hours and 18 minutes long. Below is a picture of the DVDs. Judging from the Ranch2Arena site, this set is currently sold as three 2-hour DVDs for $180 plush shipping. The set I have is the same 6 hours of instruction for about $85 to $90 less than the cost of the new DVDs. The Jeremiah Watt DVDs are still at $100 for the set and I'll put all of the pattern packs at $10 each. I would also sell the Jeremiah Watt DVD set and all the remaining pattern packs for $130 with free shipping.
  5. Dropping the price of a couple items heading into the weekend. The Art of Leather Carving for Floral Layout by Jeremiah Watt (2 DVD set) reduced to $100 Learn Sheridan Style Leather Carving DVD by Chan Geer reduced to $10 Leather Art by F.O. Baird reduced to $25 Western Floral Design by Bob Park reduced to $30 Learn Sheridan Style Tooling book by Chan Geer reduced to $12 All other items at same prices listed in posts above. Again, shipping in the continental US is on me. Paypal is best but I can also accept check or money order. If using Paypal send funds to ttasischesso@aol.com Thanks!
  6. The books by Pete Gorrell and Billy Wootres and one pattern pack by Jesse Smith are sold. Still available items are shown with prices below.
  7. I have the following tooling-related DVDs, books and pattern packs for sale. Shipping within the continental USA is on me. We can probably work out a better overall package price if you want to purchase multiple items. DVDs The Art of Leather Carving and Floral Layout by Jeremiah Watt (2 DVD set) $125 Learn Sheridan Style Leather Carving by Chan Geer $15 Books Leather Art by F.O. Baird $30 Western Floral Design by Bob Park $35 Floral Pattern Drawing For The Artistically Impaired by Pete Gorrell $15 Doodles, Designs and Patterns by Billy Wootres $15 Learn Sheridan Style Tooling by Chan Geer $15 Pattern Packs Sheridan Style Variety Pack by Chan Geer $10 Sheridan Style Patterns for Notebooks, Albums and Binder Covers by Chan Geer $15 Northwest Style Patterns for Notebooks, Legal Pad, Checkbook, Billfold and Canteen Cover by Jesse Smith $12 Northwest Style Patterns for Chap Yokes by Jesse Smith $12 Belt Patterns From The Bill Gardner Collection $12 Here are some pictures of the items up for sale...
  8. The swivel knife and extra blades are now SOLD. Thanks!
  9. Up for sale is a Chuck Smith Ol' Smoothie swivel knife with 3/8" barrel. The swivel knife will come with the original 1/4" straight blade, a spare 1/4" straight blade and a 1/8" beader blade. The spare 1/4" straight blade and the beader blade are from Henley Manufacturing Co. (makers of Henley swivel knives) but they fit in the Ol Smoothie perfectly. Asking $115 for the swivel knife and extra blades and I'll pay for priority mail shipping anywhere in the continental USA.
  10. Small handle and awl blade sold pending funds. Large handle still available.
  11. Hey Kenne, I sent you an email to the email address you posted. Troy
  12. I'm selling two Barry King awl handles, one is a large and one is a small. Also selling a Douglas slim awl blade. All are in perfect, like new condition. The awl blade was bought as a spare but the one I use will likely outlast me so I can give up the spare. $25 for each and shipping in the continental USA is included in that price. I will ship outside the continental USA at actual shipping cost minus $5 (I'll give $5 shipping credit since I'm covering shipping within the continental USA).
  13. I have one but it didn't work too well for me so I don't use it. I use saddlesoap and parafin wax and the edge finishing process Hidepounder recommended a while back.
  14. I have a couple Welker tools and I think they are well worth the price. Tool quality is among the best available. Just my two cents.
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