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  1. NEW PRICING ON OUR BEVELERS! Welker Handmade Leather Stamps top quality bevelers starting at $39.99 for a limited time! We are now offering our Welker Handmade #997 double beveler, #995 smoothing tool, or #701 beveler leather stamps at this reduced price now through May 31, 2015. Take advantage of our offer and Happy Leatherworking! Please reply to this forum or check out http://elwelkerleatherstamps.com for more.
  2. We're quite proud of our hand tooled bevelers! The Welker Handmade Leather Stamp # 997 is our version of the double beveler, and one of our most popular stamps! Made from 1018 steel, stamping surface measures .355 by .225 or a light 3/8” by a light 1/4”, and like all of our Welker Handmade Leather Stamps, you’ll find the quality on par with the best! Our price: $49.99 Our # 995 stamp is a smoothing tool after the Craftool design. Dimensions are approximately .360” diameter by .305” with the cut side or a shy 3/8” by a shy 5/16”. Made from 1018 carbon steel. You’ll find this tool very useful. Our price: $49.99 The Welker #701’s stamping surface measures approximately .210” by .150”, or a light 1/4” by a heavy 1/8”. The stamping surface is angled at approximately 10 degrees. Overall length of the stamp is 4 1/2”. Our price: $49.99 See the pictures below for more. If you're interested in one of our bevelers, please reply to this forum or contact us at http://elwelkerleatherstamps.com Happy Leatherworking!
  3. We've seen a lot of interest in our Welker Handmade Leather Stamp #152 Set of 3 lately. Here we have an exceptional set of saddle stamps! This compound hollow and round shape is derived from classic furniture makers planes. The set consists of our 152 long stamp, 7/16" long, and the two corner or miter stamps, 152-SL, and 152-SR meaning special. Material is 1018 Steel, width .152" or apx. 5/32". Here's a link to our website to see more: http://elwelkerleatherstamps.com/border-stamps/index.html. Contact us through this forum if you are interested, the set of 3 is priced at $144.99. Happy Leatherworking!
  4. Don't leave home without them... Thanks for the vote of confidence, and some nice work you're displaying on your website! Glad you like our stamps. Greetings from sunny New Hampshire!
  5. Hello leatherworkers, I've just updated my website, and I thought I would see what everyone thinks. My URL is: http://elwelkerleatherstamps.com Feel free to post your questions and comments. Thanks, and Happy Leatherworking!
  6. Our stamps do cost a little more, but they are all hand-tooled. This process takes longer than the process machined leather stamps you will find for less, but we believe they make a superior stamping tool. You'll find our prices to be in line with other quality stamp makers. Thank you for your input!
  7. Hello fellow leatherworkers, Are you having trouble finding leather stamps in the exact sizes you want and need? Well, new at Welker Handmade Leather Stamps, we are now offering to make our current stamp listings to the exact size you want. Check our our website at: http://elwelkerleatherstamps.com to find out more. Happy Leatherworking!
  8. We specialize in the rare and unique and always provide a top quality product. If you're looking for a leather stamp that's been discontinued by a maker, we may have it. Check out our website at http://elwelkerleatherstamps.com for more. Happy Leatherworking!
  9. Thank you King's X! Both the 227, 228 sets and the 237, 238 sets have been some of our most popular stamps. Thanks for the vote of confidence, and glad you're happy with the stamps. Best.
  10. Our version of the pear shaders 227 and 228 have a less pronounced hook. You will like the way the curve fits flower leaves and curves. You may have wondered, as I have, why Craftool dropped these so early in their production. I would speculate due to their extra work on that “simple looking" compound curve. material is 1018 steel. Impression approximately 3/16" by 7/16". Available polished or blued. Overall length is 4 1/2". Our Price: $74.99 for set of 2. Please reply to this forum if you're interested. For more about Welker Handmade Leather Stamps, log on to http://elwelkerleatherstamps.com to see the latest!
  11. Thanks for your comments! The leather is from Hermann Oaks.
  12. Hello Leatherworkers, We've had some questions as to what our leather wrapped guitars sound like. We're posting a link to a youtube video we made a couple of years ago so everyone can hear our eL Welker leather guitars in action. Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Omt0SkERyhc Feel free to post your comments to this forum. Thanks!
  13. eLw

    Leather Guitars

    Thanks for your replies! The leather models do sound great, though. Here's a link to a you tube video we made with one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Omt0SkERyhc You can hear a leather guitar being played in the background through the video and Lisa McCormick, an indie songwriter tries one live towards the end. Let me know your opinions and thanks.
  14. Checked out your site, and some nice work. Welcome! Andy
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