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  1. Tom, that is best explaination. It is always about the concentration. Hard for a leather worker, working on projects that can be done in apartment end up with those concentrations. But for comfort, I would move the work area closer to a window and use a regular box fan.
  2. Geary

    Stainless Steel 2.5, 3.0 ,3.5" Beveled O Rings

    Walsall Hardware has all types of rigging
  3. Thanks Goldshot, Been tied up for the last month, hopefully get started on this soon. I have read through the Stohlman Encyclopedia, very detailed. I will post pics before and when I get started. Geary
  4. Thanks Big Sioux, Budget? what is that? Going to have to do a lot of this myself, the tree will be a problem. Sorry about that tree a lot of money for something inferior.
  5. Hi there, Living in Western PA now, also having problems with tack and saddles. have two TWH with short backs and high withers, bridging is a problem. I don't want to transport horses days to fit saddles. Have decided to find a tree maker that will try to work with me, and make my own or find a saddle maker. I'll be following
  6. Thanks Josh, going to do some reading, and go for it. I can't really mess it up too bad, because the saddle is useless to me now. Geary
  7. New here, sure is a lot of info on, could spend months reading. Got a great looking saddle in good condition, but it has 5/8 or center fire regular rigging. Who much of a job is it to change it? I don't know of anyone that could use this saddle, or probably very few, so it is kind of useless, I got plenty of time. Thanks for any help Geary