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  1. Thank you sir. Lots of praying
  2. I’m not exactly sure the actual type but it is the kind that comes with them which is pretty bad ass. It does have a speed reducer on it but if you look at any website that sells them especially the main big guys it’s the one that comes with that
  3. Sorry it is sold but I just listed my cowboy 3200 on here
  4. Due to my wife’s mental illness I am forced to close at my shop so I have to sell my cowboy 3200. Got some extras with it like the roller guide and different presser feet and plates and a lot of thread 138, 207 and 242 You will have to come pick it up I am located in Macon Georgia. PM me for more details. $2000
  5. Well I'll be damned the #25 worked flawlessly...thank you
  6. i am just sewing normal veg tan so basically i should use the smaller needle on the list?
  7. ok so i have a CB3200 and on the threadexchange site they say you can run 277 thread through 180/24 and 230/26 needles. what would be the advantage to running this thread through different sizes of needles? TIA, Memphis
  8. i have the same machine and want to do the same thing you described so i am wondering if you ever got it figured out
  9. $2000 - Pickup Only Alamogordo, NM (I can meet up within reason as I would have to borrow a truck cause I only have a Harley) I have upgraded to another machine and no longer need my Cobra Class 26 I bought from MLS back in March of this year. Runs perfect with all the accessories that came with it. 4-way thread stand LED light Attachable Work Platform Flip Down Roller Guide Bobbins and Needle Bobbin winder The Cobra Class 26 is a cylinder arm machine that features a compound feed walking foot. This machine will sew approximately up to a 5/8" thickness, which would be great for items such as holsters, sheaths, some tack, bags, belts, chaps, wallets, and other leather goods, it features a top loading, larger, U style bobbin for amazing thread capacity. The Class 26 is more versatile in that it comes on a pedestal stand and you can get inside a bag or garment, as well as sew something like a holster that need to drop off the end of the arm in order to remain flat, and you can sew items or straps that need to have a bit of a curve to them. Comparable to a scaled down version of the Cobra Class 4, the Cobra Class 26 is a small cylinder bed powerhouse capable of sewing materials up to 5/8" (9.5 mm). The Cobra Class 26 sewing machine features a digital D.C. servo motor, compound feed walking foot and speed reducer. Uses thread sizes 46-207.
  10. thank you for all the helpful ideas...it is appreciated
  11. OK, if i use an airbrush to apply Fiebings Pro Dye to a project, what is the best/most reliable/cost effective cleaner to run through the airbrush when i am done? TIA -- chris
  12. Thank you. The Maltese cross and the ribbon are both stamps and yes those are brass rivets Thank you to the both of you...i appreciate it
  13. So I got an order from a husband and wife, both firefighters in GA and they wanted the Leukemia Awareness Ribbon for their son. Very satisfying.
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