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  1. Thanks so much for assisting me in finding the tool I needed to duplicate a technique and particular effect I found on a piece of leather. Your help was invaluable. Best of luck in all you do and a heartfelt Thank You!


  2. Does anyone know how the middle of this sheath was tooled? If so, what tool was used? I thought about taking a piece of drill rod about an inch long, welding a handle on it to form sort of a long inverted T shape, then using a metal cutting blade or hacksaw cutting slots in it to replicate what I see here. I just dont know about the different sizes of indentations that are tooled into the leather. Looks like three different sizes of tool were used. Opinions? Were the indentations made with one type of tool and the striations made with something else within the indentations? All comments solicited and welcomed! Thanks Jerry