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    I love motorcycles, guitars, lifting weights, Jiujitsu, and now carving leather

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    i like to carve most, lace is a close second
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  1. just wanted to say thank you for all the inspirations. wish you all a successfull 2012!!!! and these are a few things that i have done lately!!!
  2. tab69pr


    you know what spinner, i did this on a "it cant be done" deal...... it was time consuming but water on leather and time and patience really paid off.....lol!
  3. Oh hell, you will be almost be able to spit to my house from the HD Store. It is located on the east side of IH 35 (nice place) and I located on the west side of IH35. Look me up and if you need any LC help or finding something....by all means let me know. Here is my cell number 512-663-4142 (Sam Cortina). Give me call and I will take you to lunch as a welcome gift! I appreciate the co...

  4. tab69pr


    jackdaniels seat for custom bike in tampa
  5. this was a fun project, the customer was super happy when he picked up the seat, i wanted to share it with you all.
  6. very nice work, the lacing is very good!
  7. thanks Troy! you guys motivate me alot, I know i have learned alot from you all
  8. this seat is for kajun kustoms in lousiana. I had alot of fun with this one!
  9. JLSleather, the owner of that seat came to me with the request for this seat and when he told me what he wanted i looked at him and told him he didnt look like a someone whom resided in the big house! he laughed at me and said it was refering to life behind the handlebars.... it was a fun project it was my first using eyelets. fletch my brother was a jarhead and he had a drawing in his photobook that i took and photoshopped. send me your email and i will send you a copy! thanks for looking!
  10. very nice! what type of dye do you use?
  11. hey guys, here are some stuff ive worked on the past few weeks. I learn with each project, thanks for looking!
  12. very nice job with your seats. i love the lacing on 'em
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