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  1. 9 hours ago, Wizcrafts said:

    Here is a simple checklist for you to go through when you can't get the bottom thread to pull up into the holes (lays flat on flesh side).

    • Clear any extraneous thread stubs out of the bobbin case and its tension spring.
    • Adjust bobbin tension for a small but noticeable amount of resistance. It should never be zero tension.
    • Ensure that the bobbin case snaps all the way into the correct position.
    • Make absolutely certain that the top thread is going through the top tension disks and that there is good tension on them.
    • Make sure that the disks are not being held open when you are not lifting the feet manually or with the knee lifter. A jammed tension release rod ensures zero top tension!
    • Ensure that the thread exits the top disks and feeds around the check spring assembly and clicks into place.
    • Make sure the needle is inserted and aligned correctly and is matched to the thread sizes on both sides (see chart).
    • Try a needle one size larger. Make sure you use leather point needles in leather!

    Not so simple checklist. When the hook is adjusted by the end user a number of things can go wrong.

    • Remove the cover plate so you can see what is happening to the top thread. Tilt back the head to see the hook and shuttle area.
    • The timing may work most of the time, but could be too far advanced or retarded in relation the the take-up lever position. Check the timing with the stitch length at zero forward or backward motion, at the specified height above the eye, on the upstroke. Correct if out of spec.
    • Lower the feet if they were raised. Hand wheel while holding back the threads and watch as the top thread goes around the bobbin case. Does it get caught or bind as it goes around the case and makes a stitch? A readjusted hook could be pinching the top thread or the bobbin thread on the way around or out the top. The extra bottom tension would pull the knots down to the bottom.
    • Make sure there is a little clearance between the hook and the scarf in the needle. You don't want the hook to actually hit the needle!
    • Is the bobbin case aligned with its top positioning finger sitting inside the cutout in the housing? I've seen an incorrectly adjusted shuttle or poorly cast bobbin case pop out of the cutout and spin around or jam in the shuttle.

    Great!! thank you so much! I appreciate your time! Will update when I have checked everything!

  2. 3 hours ago, Northmount said:

    I'd take the bobbin case out and make sure there is no thread trapped in it.  Also examine the hook basket and make sure there isn't any threads trapped in or under it.  

    You do know there are 2 screws on the bobbin case, 1 for tension, the other to hold the end of the curved tension plate to the basket.  If you mix them up, and tighten the tension screw instead, you will have loads of bottom tension.  Can you easily pull the bobbin thread through the the tension spring with the bobbin and bobbin case in your hand?  If not, the problem is right there in you hand.  If easy to pull, it's not the tension adjustment.

    @Wizcrafts should be along soon to give you much better help than I can.

    Thank you! I will get in there and check it all out. I did have a jam a few weeks ago and my timing was all messed up. I got the timing going good but maybe missed some thread. The thread does come out easily from the bobbin so I don't think that's it.

    I appreciate your help!

  3. 36 minutes ago, Northmount said:

    Have you changed needle or thread size or leather thickness or leather temper?  Harder thicker leather needs a larger hole to get the thread to pull up.  Try increasing the needle size.


    I haven't changed anything, I use 138 thread with a 22 needle. I was testing on about 8oz leather and just tried on 2-3 oz piece and same thing is happening. 

    Just to see what would happen I let the tension off on the top almost all the way and it still looks exactly the same.

    Could it still be a needle problem? Or maybe something is up with my bobbin case? I'm at a loss

  4. I have a Consew 206rb that has been a great machine however, lately I have had an issue with the lower tension being too tight no matter what I do. I have loosened it off as far as it will go and tightened the top as far as it will go and the bottom thread is still laying flat. I feel like I have tried everything under the sun.

    I am hoping that someone has some advice for this as it is so frustrating!

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