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  1. I want to make a leather pouch for my fathers burial flag. For years I was going to make an elaborate wood box for it but I’m rethinking a leather case or pouch would be better for it any way. Not much out there for ideas. Something that is classy for sure. Thinner supple leather most likely. Was thinking no mechanical fasteners either maybe a folding strap or lacing. any ideas or pictures to help me would be great thanks.
  2. Left hand drill bit turned very slowly. If the screw that broke wasnt cross threaded all you have to do is get it to budge a sharp left hand drill bit might bite it enough for it to spin out. Auto parts stores sell them. Lube it first and you could heat it with a hair dryer or heat gun it may help.
  3. I have not done any leather work short of a couple vintage car upholstery jobs. But I’m interested in knife sheaths and gun holsters after posting a few questions here. I have an Adler 267 flatbed machine is it possible to make much of a holster with that. And for my first projects what pistols will be easiest and where can I find patterns and good videos to learn from. In particular I’d like holsters for a 1911 colt and a colt 44 mag short barrel but I don’t want to hard a project to start with if there something a little easier what would you advise. Thanks Andy
  4. Do you have a stethoscope might help you find it. Pull the cone off the tip and lousy move the hose end around if you don’t have one most auto parts stores or drug stores sell cheap ones.
  5. YEH HAW ok I spent a lot of time in Texas in my past life. My machine is fixed. My Chinese hook bobbin assembly showed up yesterday. I put it in and tinkered with everything I messed with when it came apart on me but couldn’t keep it from breaking thread then I found the sliding top plate hit the Bobbin cover the assembly was about .080” thicker than the original maybe more I tinkered with it for a bit then stole the metal plate out of the new one buffed the tip on the tapered part that picks up the thread off the needle from my old bobbin and installed it now clearance wasn’t an issue. Spent a few hours tinkering with everything from belt timing which turned out to be pretty simple make it match the walking foot and presser foot at the exact right spot and your there then the bobbin drive and driven gears are tightened up when there in the perfect spot which took some tinkering. Then I adjusted the presser foot which seemed to have dropped some height over the last few years this ones weird as all get out its adjusted with the foot locked up and the adjustment has to be perfect the slightest bit either direction and its wrong. It is so quite now. I ripped out 10 feet of stitches slow and fast tinkered with thread tensions and thin and thick materials its performing like it was new. Now I want to buy a new table top for it mine is warped the Formica’s chipped and falling off all over and I’d also like to put a new Servo motor on it do any of you have ideas on where i can get the right parts for this. I’m prettty crafty if it were to require some engineering to make it work I’m good with that but I would love it if the table top was a good fit to start. Thanks for your previous input. Andy
  6. My Adler 267 sits dead in the water I may try to get it fixed however I am now struggling with options. I made two mistakes ( only two:) ) I went ad test drove a new Juki with a servo motor now I want a servo motor. While I could update my Adler if its fixed or fixable it needs a new table top as well now the price for everything puts me at or above value. Don’t get me wrong I loved that machine and its served me well. And the other I bought a new Sailrite Ultrafeed which I’m really impressed with it will serve a double purpose as I hit semi retirement and will carry it with me to Florida when i winter over there. I’m looking at machines to replace the Adler. To date any leather I’ve worked with was upholstery which really isn’t what I’d call really leather work its just upholstery an my Adler handled it well. However now that I have been on this forum I have to ask myself if I wouldn’t like to be able to make gun holsters and things like that. so the two dollar question what machine would you buy to handle the the task of heavy layers of upholstery work and leather to make holsters and other things out of if you had a Sailrite Ultra feed to cover some of the gaps that a leather machine of this caliber might create if there is such a machine. Now if price was not object and what if you wanted a used older machine. I dont know what a machine fort this runs if its $2500 to $3000 new I’d go new if its $3500 or more I might be better served used? But I don't know. Probably never should have opened the door to this forum now I’m looking at a complete different world of sewing I needed another hobby in my life I guess. Now saying all that I fix my Adler put a servo motor and new top on it and buy a leather machine to handle other leather work however my Adler may not be repairable. So door number two buy a couple used machines one to replace the Adler ad one for leather. Now I’ve really complicated this haven't I. A month ago I was content with one functioning old machine now I dont know. Thanks for helping me make this as complicated as possible.
  7. Got it Thanks I did order a new hook assembly as far as the other piece ? Ill deal with that when I get the hook. I made an an executive decision and bought a Sailrite portable machine to cover the gap while I’m working on getting my Adler fixed. I’m going to be semi retired in two years we will spend winters in Florida and I hope to retire in some fashion in a couple more plan to make boat covers and repairs for a supplemental income while diving as much as I can this machine is a good fix. I seem to like making boat covers for some reason. Im not limited on funds to solve this not meaning there’s no cap in the budget but I see enough returns on a tool like this that I can buy two machines if it requires it and I’m sure my little Sailrite won’t do everything I need it to. I did visit one shop sat morning he had he had a new Juki with the adjustable speed servo motor I quickly recovered from my Adler failure when he handed me a couple of thick pieces of leather and i tinkered with motor speeds I was fine with my old Adlers peddle but I am now thinking I want a servo motor even if my machine can be fixed. I can devote my full attention to perfect placement of material and stitching instead of working the throttle. I thought about buying a used newer machine but I’ll try and get mine fixed if I can I may update it with a servo motor if I can’t I will start shopping for a new machine.
  8. Thanks for the tip. I’m a little over an hour east of Portland Oregon. Ive been researching replacements and its mind boggling without actually being able to sit down in front of one and see how it performs. I do recommend anyone with an Adler from this series to open the gear box and check to make sure the retainer screws for both of the gears driving the hook assembly are tight. Might have been a fluke but these retainer screws would not be something normally checked. Ive had a good run with my old machine its hard to see a failure from something like this but I’m getting over, it if I can get it fixed i will.
  9. Hi all. I’m new here don’t really do much leather work my apologies but I’m here trying to poach some information in hopes I can get my machine back to life. It looks like there’s a few members here with some experience on this machine and not a lot elsewhere. Specifically I need to know how to time the upper and lower pulling or belt timing that’s for starters. And the short version of my saga. The long version I bought this machine new in 1984 I was twenty years old at the time. I did a lot of upholstery for quite a while these days it’s personal use and an occasional seat repair. More canvas and boat sewing than anything. Couple of of weeks ago I was sewing a very large piece of clear vinyl thick stuff and a straight run. I’m rolling out the stitches pretty fast. It finished the job but it skipped a few stitches and balled up the bobbin area once. I chalked that up to the material I was sewing and the rate of speed I was sewing at. I have a huge table and once I get lined up I don’t struggle with material gathering in my way. Couple if days ago I attempted sewing some basic stuff but I found my machine kept cutting thread and skipping stitches. Soon found my bobbin was way out of tine. I thought the belt had jumped. This machine does not have the decoupler. So I moved the belt timing until it was back in time and went back at it soon it was out if time again. What I found was the set screws that hold the driven bevel gear that drives the hook bobbin assembly had come loose. The gears are ok my the hook and bobbin assembly has a little tray thats tweaked I’ve ordered a new hook assembly it’s got some damage or wear from use. During the trauma i found found a lot of loose set screws my foot has not been raising fully for some time I thought it was me but the lock screw turned quit a bit before tightening up I think its slipped at some point because I moved it a little and achieved normal lift again. I’d like to re set all of the machines adjustments or at least check them. I looked through the Adler manual that some here put up but its pretty vague or covering other machines I did not find the belt timing procedure but maybe I missed it. Its funny im not a sentimental guy but I was sad when I found what is probably my oldest thing Ive every owned broken. Worst case scenario I will find a shop that can get it back in time but I’m kind of remote. Thanks Andy
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