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  1. Hey, yes I just saw your reply, I ordered it a while ago and waiting for the delivery, as its being hold by spanish customs Hope to test it out soon, it looks good on pictures, but still not near anything like a nice braided cord
  2. Just for the record, it seems, that julius koch stopped the production of this thread. Minimum oder quantity is 100.000 m This is unfortunate, as Ritza 44 seemed to be the only braided thread such thin (0.4 mm)
  3. They only supply two colours for the Ritza 44. I called them and they told me, that they would supply any other colour, due to the high minimum order quantity and the low demand.
  4. Ok thanks all for the advises, I finally got a second hand Adler 669 nearly unused for a really good price. So I went for it.
  5. Hey, I have been researching now for quite a while and it seems that Ritza 44 in 0.4 mm is only available in 3 colours through resellers white, black and yellow. I am looking for a brown colour (colonial tan to be precise), but it seems that this colour is only available directly from julius Koch. They are asking for quite a minimum order, so I am a bit hesitant, especially as I don't know yet exactly, how the thread will work on the machine. Does anybody have an idea, where to source it? Or in the other way around, anybody tried ritza 44 on a machine, and discovered, that it causes too many problems, and therefore dropped the idea of using it? Thanks already for answering.
  6. Thank you so much Mike, I will definitely also check them out. What do you think in general about the machines, I have listed above? I get the impression that the Pfaff 335 might not be suitable for 0.6 mm ritza (207 or 277 thread equivalent?) But I haven't tried 0.4 mm thread Ritza in general, so I don't know for sure yet, that this won't be anyway better for nearly 2 mm Leather. greetings from Barcelona
  7. I also found a PFAFF Kl. 335 G 706/07 which is used and can be shipped from germany for a total of 2100 € with electronic stop motor
  8. Hi, I have been working now for a while with hand stitching, and found my own style, which is pretty much to my liking. But the time i spend sewing makes my products just to expensive. So I am looking forward to buy a sewing machine. I am from Germany but living in Barcelona. While in Germany, it seems easier to buy a second hand machine from a dealer, I haven't found a dealer yet close to barcelona. 1. sewing rather soft vegetable tanned leather Vachetta in the thickness 1.6-2,2 mm 2. maximum 4 layers. 3. Creating a similar stitching look to a 3mm Seiwa pricking iron with 0.6 mm ritza 25 4. Probably with 0.6 mm ritza 44 thread equally to 208 machine thread? (up and down preferably the same threadsize) (0,4 mm is not available in "small" quantities in my colours) 5. Sewing simple straight lines, but also more complicated inside out constructions As I have never been working with a sewing machine I would rather choose a machine, which is easier to use. Looking at the options and researching I found a few machines, which I think would be suitable for my needs: 1. Techsew 2750 pro No Price yet, but situated in Germany/France so probably around the same 2750 € + vat 2. Pfaff 335 Dealer in the south of spain 2650 € +vat 3. Adler 669 / 69 Dealer close to Barcelona 3790 € + Vat 4. Texi HD forte cilindro Dealer inside Barcelona 2050 € + Vat My question now is, if you do think, that the extra 600 € towards a Pfaff 335 from the Texi clone are worth it, especially, as the dealer isn't close to barcelona? The Adler 69 Eco seems to be out of my budget. Techsew would be a nice fit, from what I can see, but in the end the dealer is quite far located. So the service might not be so great. I would like to pay a maximum of around 2500 €. Did I miss out any option in your opinion? Thank you and excuse me, that my first post is a request for information ;)
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