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  1. I am very interested in your embosser and live not that far away in MT. Is this unit still for sale, could you call me at 406-seven50-8seven98? Thank you for your time. Matt
  2. Is this machine still available, I would be interested. My number is 40six -750-eight798. Thank you Matt Marquette
  3. I would be interested in some or all of the equipment. Please email me or message me, I would like to talk. I am sorry for your loss, thank you.
  4. My name is Matt and I live in the Salt Lake area. I would be very interested in talking with you and taking a look at the items you would like to sell. I would appreciate it if you could call (801.336.530 five) or message me so we can get together. Thanks
  5. Do you still have items from the business for sale, I would be interested? I am sorry for your loss. Thank you. Matt
  6. M2studios

    Cowboy 3200

    Is this machine still available? m.marquette@hotmail.com
  7. Is the CB 4500 still available, I would be interested. Could you please call or email me if it is. Thanks Matt m.marquette@hotmail.com 951-233-198zero
  8. ThreeRivers: We are in the area (Eastern Ohio) about 2 hours away and would like to come by and see your items if we could? We will be in the area through the weekend and first part of next week. If you could please call me I would like to see if we could schedule a time to come by? Thank you. Matt 951-233-198zero
  9. Hello, Is the Cowboy 3200 and table sold yet?
  10. I would like to see some of the pics if you could email me some pictures m.marquette@hotmail.com. Interested in the oiled, pull up, embossed and others. Thanks
  11. I am very interested in your business and would like to find out more. I am sorry you are having to sell it, I know it must have been a tough decision. I would like to talk or email in regards to this if you have some time. Matt 9five1-2three3-1nine8zero
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