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  1. Finally I found some time for show off!!! Photos inserted chronologically Part 1
  2. At first I want to make few watch band's for my USSR watches (Wostok, Poljot etc). Simple classic's needs simple strip's. My next "real" target is large shopping / messenger's bag for my wife, she realy need durable bag! @wizard of tragacanth I'm already subscribing Ian Atkinson. I am convinced that it will be much easier for me to learn with the help of Leatherworker users
  3. Hello everyone, My name is Damian. I come from the south of Poland very close to the Czech border. I am here to learn so that I can do the things I like but I am not going to go shopping and buy them! 5 years ago I became interested in computer graphics, advertising and promotion. Since then, I have a completely different view of handmade items. First of all, I began to appreciate the uniqueness! My adventure starts here and I hope that I will show off very quickly what I have done and the knowledge I gained in the forum. I'm happy I'm here. Thank you for people like you.
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