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    Pyrography, tooling, dying leather; weapons/shooting; painting; driftwood, lanterns and unusual container floral arrangements; most crafts and song writing.

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    Researching the best sewing machine for leather up to 12 oz.

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  1. That is awesome, Doc! The caps really set it off!
  2. Hi Chuck ~ So kind of you to reply, and thank you for your uplifting comment. Too often I focus more on what I did wrong rather than what came out right. I first cut the lines with a swivel knife then used various smooth beveler stamps around those cuts. The F976 Figure Carving Stamp was used to make the wisps on the top feather. Other than Neats, dye and sealer, that's the sum of it I reckon. About four years ago, customer that I had made a drink holster, two eye-glass cases and wind guards for his engine guards asked me to make double-stacked luggage to place behind the sissy-bar on his Indian motorcycle. I drew it out, he approved, and I started...just made it up as I went. It took a whole cowhide, learning how to solder copper for the frame and three months to make it. About two weeks before I finished, I received a text saying, "Stop the leather press! I sold the Indian and bought a Harley." LOLOL Really? This luggage doesn't fit a Harley.... I haven't seen or heard from him since. (Note to self: Friend or foe, get a deposit before a project.) If and when I figure out where to post pictures in the right place, I'd like to show you the finished product. Hope to talk with you again ~ Many blessings
  3. Hi y'all ~ I just found this site last week; it's amazing! I finally found someone who shares my addiction (not that any of you are addicted to leatherwork.) This headdress is on the top of double-stacked luggage for an Indian Motorcycle. The MBs are too large to post any photo of it here. I was going to post it in the gallery but didn't understand why there were different ones; therefore, I didn't know where to put it. Any suggestions on improving the headdress would be greatly appreciated as well as explaining the gallery photo process. Thanks so much. Many blessings ~ WVMoonshine
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