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  1. ok, going to look at my machine and move it in a minute.
  2. it looks like the middle option is better one due to a straighter way/ less angle to needle bar for the thread,
  3. Ive just thought of that to, and just what you say i couldnt get rid of upper tension no matter what i did, loosen the knob so much i nearly come loose.. The lastthread guide is almost inside but you mean even further in? Thanks for help, im going down to my workshop and test your tips.
  4. The lower tension is correct , a 1 1/2 turn then upp to takeup spring, the photo angle not showing full turn. I threaded as Juki TSC-441 manual indicates, Section 12, page 6 of the attached manual. Im not sure how much tension there should be in bobbin,any tips how you measure that? I suspect i have to little tension on bobbin and i just use a 8oz leather, it might be better as u say with 2 pieces.(thicker). Im trying your tips tomorrov,updates follows.
  5. I use #23 needle ,Diamond point leather needle by smetz and #207 bonded nylon thread both in bobbin and upper. Just testing with 8oz leather, maby to thin.
  6. The knots i close to top of leather, im not sure wich adjuster thats lower or rises it , the upper one or the low one? What does the lower one do? Manual is not clear about this. Jb
  7. Now it looks better and everything is cleared and not touching anything. Going to try sewing tomorrow so.. Thanks .
  8. i take a look after work, updates follows. thanks for input. juki441 costs 7000$ over here so...
  9. Original feeddog and throatplate plate was not exactly centered.. Its a brand new jianglong 441 clone. I have a metal workshop and are able but i need advice about if its possible to do anything about this problem.
  10. Is this ok? Have he&p kit and a new 23 cutting needle and not bent. As you can se the needle is off to left and not centered. Even the feet are a little bit off, the inner touches the outer one and i can adjust the dog a little bit with shims. JB
  11. but the fot only lifts about 10mm so.. Never tried it with bigger needle, mostly because the manual says the biggest neddle in this machine is 140. But you may tried it before and it works?
  12. this is my adler. And some jobs that ive done with it, i say that 8mm is the thickest leather it can do without trouble. I use a 140nm neddle with 138 bonded polythread, works nice.
  13. He is righthanded but he wanted them to left because he use to load the pistol with the left and rifle the same way but if he wants i can ad loops to the right or build him a new . Good tips of nr of loops ,in the future i may doing 5 as standard instead.
  14. Tanks, and im very satified with the vaqueros ,built lika a tank and now i have fired about 5000 round in 2 seasons. Only the belt its lined but ive glued a 10 oz and a 5oz with rawside towards me. Holsters are glued rawside together. Next pair of holster is going to be a crossdraw rigg for CAS, this one i made is for 5 1/2 and i have 4 3/4 .
  15. i like to have my shotgunbelt but i understand what you mean, ive thought about to do without loops but i think its looks better with loops . I will do another belt with some stamping on it soon.
  16. in sweden there is about 150-200 and the norwegians also use to compete with us. Its my third year now and its fun. Ray Heartless is from here and he is over the pond to compete with you most winters and he is fast, try to be in his posse so i can learn from him.
  17. Made this for a customer that going to use it for CAS , 12 g and some bulletloops for .45 LC
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