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  1. He is righthanded but he wanted them to left because he use to load the pistol with the left and rifle the same way but if he wants i can ad loops to the right or build him a new . Good tips of nr of loops ,in the future i may doing 5 as standard instead.
  2. Tanks, and im very satified with the vaqueros ,built lika a tank and now i have fired about 5000 round in 2 seasons. Only the belt its lined but ive glued a 10 oz and a 5oz with rawside towards me. Holsters are glued rawside together. Next pair of holster is going to be a crossdraw rigg for CAS, this one i made is for 5 1/2 and i have 4 3/4 .
  3. i like to have my shotgunbelt but i understand what you mean, ive thought about to do without loops but i think its looks better with loops . I will do another belt with some stamping on it soon.
  4. in sweden there is about 150-200 and the norwegians also use to compete with us. Its my third year now and its fun. Ray Heartless is from here and he is over the pond to compete with you most winters and he is fast, try to be in his posse so i can learn from him.
  5. Made this for a customer that going to use it for CAS , 12 g and some bulletloops for .45 LC
  6. Made my first Rigg for CAS , cal .38sp loops.
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