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  1. Ok, I opened a new thread with photos, as discussed here. Thanks again, MSAdler
  2. ... and sorry if these are too many images. for the manual: return to sander at Gmail dot com, all in one word, of course. thanks for your help and greetings from switzerland, MSAdler ps.: this last Image is how I found it advertised online. With machine on the table
  3. Dear all, I asked this morning for a manual of the Adler 4 and 5 series to be shared with me. I have recently gotten a hold of a Adler 5-8 (for free) as I like old machines. But now am faced with trying to make sense of the individual parts and giving it a check that it actually works (according to the person giving it to me it works all right). I was offered a deal: photos for manual. Rationale: apparently there is a lack of images of these old maschineschrieb and spare parts. Ok, if that’s the case: I agreed. So here are the Fotos. any feedback would be appreciated. if you spot things on the machine that seem awkward, let me know. Any guiding is appreciated. As I wrote earlier today, the wheel turns smoothly, the needles is moving up and down and the „ship“ (the „metal surprise egg“ is turning). best MSAdler p.s.: why Do I want to check if it works? Because I won’t spent a lot of time restoring it if the eagle has no wings ...
  4. I will send more images later and open a new thread for that.
  5. Sounds like a good deal issue is: I have already lifted the 5-8 from the table and took parts of the table apart. But I can send separate images. You prefer more images of the Maschine, the table, the stuff that came with it, or all? Will be tonight though (after Corona home office ...) Merci, MS
  6. Dear all, I am writing from Zurich, Switzerland. I was able to get an Adler 5-8 for free with table, motor, and numerous spare parts. For free :). While I love old machines (and that’s the reasons I got it), I have no experience with sewing machines. I am intending to restore the table and work a bit on the machine, but before I do I would like to check if it’s fully functional. I picked it up because I am afraid otherwise it would have gone to trash. Breaks my heart to see old machines like this go to the dumpster. hence my questions: — is there still a pdf copy of the manual somewhere in this forum? If so, would you mind sharing it with me? Return to sander at gmail dot com, all written together. — any hints/experience with what are the most delicate parts on this machine? Meaning: where would I likely encounter issues? I can spin the wheel and the needle moves up and down smoothly and the little metal „children surprise egg“ is spinning in the arm. So the Maschine is Not „Stuck“. But beyond that, I am currently lost. I realize you may say: this guy has no clue, where should I start? You are absolutely right Thanks let’s hope I get this eagle to fly MSAdler
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