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  1. @Retswerb Thanks! Yes I did, with a strip running the length of the inside of the quiver. I did a test run on a short piece and saw how easily the seam could buckle without reinforcement.
  2. @Handstitched the quiver is complete! I posted a new post in the Show Off forum but thought I'd mention it here too. Making of album: https://ibb.co/album/bbvb1X
  3. Hey folks, I came here in the fall and asked some big questions, as this was an ambitious project. First time carving (the coaster in the album was my practice run) and first time stitching. I also hand-drafted the pattern (why make things easy?). I made tons of little mistakes (like why, or why, didn't I use an awl?). I also learned a lot, and I'm very happy with the overall results, and so was my niece! (it was a present for her). Thanks for all the help! The Making-of album: https://ibb.co/album/bbvb1X
  4. Thanks guys this is all very useful. @Dwight That's exactly what I intend to do with the straps, and I'll be sure to use contact cement too. I'm not an archer - the quiver is actually for my niece. I've been asking a lot of questions though. @Handstitched I'll make a point to post it! It'll be a few months, it's a christmas present, and with this much learning I'd rather take my time and get it right. @garypl That stitch is gorgeous. I think I might end up doing some tests - baseball or xxx or whatever, with or without a strip of leather behind. I do like the idea of a glued down strip under the stitch. I extra like the idea of not stitching that down too.
  5. Hi Ivan! I would suggest skiving down the raw side of the leather where the rivets will be, to help bring the thickness down. As for the rivet tool marks, I've had that happen when the rivet tool I used was too big for the rivet I was hammering in, but I've only used hand-held tools.
  6. I have some experience with veg tan but I’ve only ever connected pieces with rivets and buckles and so on. Very little stitching, no gluing. Now, I’m making a quiver. I’m buying new tools and doing a lot of research, as it’ll be my first times for carving, stitching, and gluing. I have some questions and concerns - I’m not working from an existing pattern. I’m thinking about closing the quiver’s long edge with a baseball stitch. The straps will be connected to that edge with overlays, and help reinforce the seam. Concerns: I’m designing the pattern with paper to start, and the construction paper warps into a teardrop shape without reinforcement at the seam. I worry I will have some weakness in the same area with 8 oz veg tan? Would it be more reasonable to use a butt stitch, even though I don’t prefer it aesthetically? Regardless of the stitch, should I, or would it be advisable to, contact cement (or otherwise glue) the butt edges of the leather together before stitching? Thanks for any tips, first time posting but I've been lurking for a long time.
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