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    I have many interests! I'm just getting into working with leather. Looking at handbags, luggage, backpacks etc.

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  1. Thanks for the information Bob. I will look into it.
  2. Thanks Aven, I hope the move goes smooth. I can see about a half mile here but the dogs and I are feeling the affects (Eyes watering) from all the smoke. Unfortunately I was finishing up painting the exterior of the house yesterday and need to finish painting the trim today before the rain starts later in the week. The non-slip used is thicker rubber similar to the door mats. it an inexpensive was to dress it up. I just purchased a small tool storage bin that I plan to mount under the bench top. be safe out there!
  3. Hello, I'm new to the site and new to working with leather. I stumbled across the site when looking for information on industrial sewing machines. I just purchased an Industrial PFAFF 138 6/21 Zig Zag that looks to be in excellent condition. I noticed there was a wear on the non-slip and decides to replace. I could not find a similar type of non-slip so I made my own from stair tread non-slip material. Since I put this in my home office I dressed it up a little as shown in the pics. I'm thinking my first project will be to build a cover (probably out of vinyl). The machine still needs a little adjustment but it will get there (learning what all is needed with this Machine). I'm thinking about replacing the clutch motor with a Servo motor as the pedal currently only has 1/4" of play from stop to full. I'm sure I would get use to it but will be nice to get rid of the hum. I'm currently looking at all of the pics in the gallery and from what it looks like I see a lot od spending in the future. Al
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