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  1. I made a custom table to test all sewing heads and got the table and motor from Weaver Leather. A servo motor will do you good on speed control. Needles and presser feet should give you varied stitches. Try changing those out. I tell customers to change the feed dogs, throat plate, and presser feet after 200 hours of operation.
  2. Howdy everyone. Just reaching out to you in your time of need. I do industrial repair and repairs on sewing machines. I have a modified table to test ALL sewing heads. Also able to repair motors, electronics, valves, control boxes, and have worked with most machines. Please check out this flyer and our website. Let me know if I can help with any repairs or replacements. John Cown SEWTRONIX www.sewtronix.com 470-234-5998
  3. Hello fellow leatherworkers. Let me know if you need anything repaired from sewing machines to motors. Currently working on a Pfaff 1245, Singer Patchwork, and a Consew long arm. Also have a post machine up for sale and can get you parts and machines! Here is my website: www.sewtronix.com
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