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  1. Im only selling cause i recently picked up two COBRA machines.

    not shown, but comes with wooden drawer....$50 worth of prewound bobbins, new roll of thread, spare needles and two original bobbins, RUNS PERFECT and SMOOTH!

    YOU DO THE PICKUP and moving, im in Lexington KY   $550    made in 1897 !



  2. I got my class 26 only couple months ago, and its literally already paid for itself 3+ times over now on the jobs ive done on it,....so happy with the beast.....so i wanted to branch into LARGER jobs and got myself a COBRA class 4,  now the two machines are dialed in and rolling.  I had to get a friend to help me get the 4 into the house, so darn heavy! :)



  3. On 1/30/2021 at 9:00 PM, Dwolf01 said:

    Hi there! First, thank you to all of the people who regularly post and share their knowledge and experience. This is a great resource. 

    I am new to leather working and preparing to buy my first machine. I mostly make leather wallets, clutches/bags/purses and some watch bands. I am over the poor stitch quality of a domestic machine ruining my projects. I have the opportunity to buy a Juki 562 for about $700 (but think I would need to put a servo in it) or a used Juki 1508ns. Also looking at the consew 206. I am apprehensive to spend well over $1000 having never used an industrial machine. Any advice? 

    I work on small projects so I don’t know how concerned I should be about the small bobbin on the 562. 

    Thanks in advance! 


  4. 1 hour ago, Wizcrafts said:

    Lol, exactly. I have operated a Rex dual feed walking foot machine, with really aggressive teeth. Man, that thing wouldn't budge from its stitch length setting. It almost clawed the work out of my hands. In contrast, my slew of walking foot machines, including my CB4500, all let me feather the needle hole position if I want to. This can really come in handy when you are sewing Gunfighter fishtail stitches onto a gunbelt.



    well of course thats some GOD LEVEL leather craft you made there.   Snappy and sharp

  5. 11 hours ago, Wizcrafts said:


    A smooth feed dog doesn't mark the bottom layer like the ones with teeth do. Normally this is not an issue. However, if both sides of a project must look as good as possible, the smooth feed dog is a bonus that saves time rubbing out tooth marks. I have a smooth feed dog on my Cowboy stitcher.

    If you're wondering about a loss of grip, you are right. Because the feed dog is smooth, as are the feet, I can cheat the stitch length at will to reach marked points or corners. Teeth would make it harder to do this.

    i kinda intuitively guessed that would be the case, then i guess its a case of CHOICE OF LESSER OF TWO EVILS........loose hold but have more control, or have HOLD, but less control.

  6. 39 minutes ago, JREESER1 said:

    Contrary to one curmudgeon around here, whom seems unsatisfied with anyone but himself. I consider Steve and Leather Machine one of finest, most honest and caring vendors I have ever encountered. I am old enough to know a fine honorable person when I meet them. You will not regret your choice. When I was down with my second encounter of cancer and lost all hope of anything good ever happening again, I sat waiting to just go away Steve came to me, unsolicited and offered me a deal I knew he would never expected to recoup, because of my health, and condition. He fulfilled a dream and gave me purpose and reason to keep trying. I did completely reimburse him, but I will never be able to repay him. He has given me 15 years o fulfilled joy!!!


    wow!  what a story,  are you doing ok and cancer free now?    Yes, steve is a helpful critter, .... glad i got one of his machines 

  7. I searched high and low, and finally got my cobra class 26,  ive used one at other peoples places before and i know quality when i see it more than most people (actually thats what im paid for, honestly it is,...tell people the quality to buy on diff products).

    I had a few questions, one a user error (hehe~!) , i called and "bugged" ole Steve at Leather machine Co 3 times on his private phone, and hes TOP NOTCH service.


    I honestly never see service and help this good, im so glad i got a COBRA!

    heres my machine, i love it




  8. On 12/24/2020 at 12:06 AM, Aven said:

    Did you check out the one on Craigslist? The one outside of Chicago

    i did, i got no reply

    On 12/23/2020 at 5:04 PM, shoepatcher said:


     I am sure Bob or Steve or Ralph would be the first to tell you the genuine machines are made better but also much more expensive. The clone machine is a good machine but the tolerances on a genuine Juki 341 or 1341 or closer.  The clone was built to offer the customer a choice.  I have a 1341 and have sewn on both the Cowboy and Juki 341.  All are good machines.  I see no difference between the Sew Tech, the Cobra and the Cowboy.  All good  and I believe all made in the same plant in China!  The Juki 1341 retails H/O for somewhere between $3,800-$4,100.00.  Great machine not cheap.  You want a better machine that any of these,  go to the Juki 2310 or the Cadillac, Adler 869.  Trust me, none are better than the 869.  That head only costs over $5,000.00!  It is all about price.   You say the Cobra 26 is better than the the Cowboy or Sew Tech.  Based on what?  I say no and that is based on 40 plus years of sewing experience!  What are you basing your opinions on?  Please tell me. Those questions are not meant to be a smart ass, rather information.    Have you sewn on the Cobra 26?    Have you sewn on any of the other machines.  If not, how can you make that claim?   There are lot of people on this site that are very, very good as to knowledge on machines.  Listen to them!   They are merely tying to educate and see your opinion.   If not convinced, then buy the Cobra whenever they open back up and be done with it.  Bitching will get you nowhere.  Trust me!!


    i dont care about the cost, i just want the machine,......preferably new however, but used if i can trust the seller, buying $$$$$ sight unseen is "not cool"

  9. 7 hours ago, kgg said:

    Well said Uwe.



    9 hours ago, Uwe said:

    This post sounds like a first world problem. It also sounds like some Guerilla advertising gimmick for Cobra. I’m not really sure what to make of it. You appear to have worked yourself into a state over a sewing machine you’ve never worked with but suddenly can’t live without. If nothing else is acceptable in your mind you will just have to wait. My advice is to spent he extra $500 on a good therapist instead.


    Extremely rude statement, i have no connection to the company.

    Please dont say such unintelligent nonsense.

    11 hours ago, Scoutmom103 said:

    Maybe they have what you are looking for.


    Cobra Class 26 Sewing Machine | Springfield Leather

    Yes, i talked to him, nice guy, same problem, nobody has one

  10. 1 hour ago, Wizcrafts said:


    2 minutes ago, chrisash said:

    Your looking for reliability among the different makes, it's hard to find that information on a forum where people tend to advertise the brand they brought; and only have limited if any information on other machines

    Might be better asking professional sewing machine mechanics, "what make has the fewest problems and easiest spares supply"

    Sometimes its hard to see through the marketing to get the true information. and many purchases are made only on price

    youtube is littered with broken or half broken TECHSEW machines,   ive built and fixed enough stuff to know lesser quality when i see it.

    Its impossible to consider spending a LOT MORE $$$$ for a MUCH less tough machine.

  11. 1 hour ago, kgg said:

    Adding your $500 premium that may put you in the ball park of a Juki LS-1341. Which you may want to consider.


    ive seen em, and i personally dont think theyre worth it, and they seem inferior in build to the (COPY) Cobra 26, .... all the leather "gods" told me to get the class 26 COBRA

    29 minutes ago, shoepatcher said:

    The Cobra 26 is a clone of the Juki 341.  US price was about $2.300.00  The Tech Sew 2750 is the same clone of the Juki 341.  However, Tech Sew has just come out with the  4800 which is a clone of the Juki 1341.

    Better machine and has the the dial on it to adjust the walk.  Yes, $950.00 more.  I have a genuine Juki 1341.  Better machine than the 341.


    I kjnow its a clone, but all indications are that its made better, AND costs less, but RIGHT NOW, i dont care AT ALL (seriously!) what it costs,..........WHICH MACHINE is TOUGHER THAN HELL?  Last the longest.????


    I grew up with normal sewing machines, and i cant stand ANY plastic parts on an industrial machine, that mess burns my butt.

  12. I know they cant help it, and theyre shut down (so they tell me) until the ENDDDDD of January......well Ive been saving for a CLASS 26 , and there is NO substitute, ive seen the 'others', and theyre nowhere near as good.


    Literally these days i CANT THROW $$$$$$$$ out there and get this machine !!!!


    Its got me utterly bummed out.

  13. On 12/7/2020 at 10:44 AM, Wizcrafts said:

    Oops! Sorry 'bout that, Chief!

    You can hopefully get a similar machine from Toledo Industrial Sewing Machines. It is called the CB341. They also have a new to them CB1341 (Juki 1341 clone) that may be a step up. Our member, @CowboyBobis the owner.

    i hear those are nowhere near as good as a Class 26 from leather machine.........>BUUUT i cant get a leather machine at ALL now cause their facility is shut down....     im bummed out.

  14. Hello! Long time leather worker here, ...moderate skills, anyway im new to the forum, saying hello to you folks!  Been doing leather working most of my life, ive made about 200+ pieces in my life, but im trying to get a lot more serious, i have a SINGER 29-4, and im about to order a COBRA class 26

    Ive made a lot of pants, kilts, and tons and TONS of bags of ALL kinds, oh my gawd ive made a lot of bags! .

    WANTED TO SAY THANKS TO WIZCRAFTS  for greatly helping me make my $$$$$ choice on my NEW TO COME machine im buying next week, that being the COBRA CLASS 26,  90% of all i do is two layers of 6 ounce or less.

    I couldnt get ahold of LEATHER MACHINE, then the girl there said theyre shut down cause some guy working there tested positive for the Covid-cooties.

    heres my ancient 29-4.


  15. Hello! Long time leather worker here, ...moderate skills, anyway im new to the forum, saying hello to you folks!  Been doing leather working most of my life, ive made about 200+ pieces in my life, but im trying to get a lot more serious, i have a SINGER 29-4, and im about to order a COBRA class 26

    The only thing im frustrated by is finding some CHEAP (in price) hides!.  I hope this forum helps, im sure it will, and i can learn some things!  Heres my singer and some recent camera / lens pouches i made.

    Ive made a lot of pants, kilts, and tons and TONS of bags of ALL kinds, oh my gawd ive made a lot of bags! .




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