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  1. CBarker

    Cowboy Outlaw

    This has been sold!
  2. CBarker

    Cowboy Outlaw

    Yes it is. I sent you a message.
  3. CBarker

    Cowboy Outlaw

    Edit: Asking 1200 for everything without shipping.
  4. CBarker

    Cowboy Outlaw

    I’m in Frisco and no sorry I left out what I’m asking. Asking 1200 and open to offers.
  5. CBarker

    Cowboy Outlaw

    Selling my Cowboy Outlaw. Bought brand new from Neels Saddlery and Harness for 1500 total. Comes with both pressor feet and edge guide. I've used it for 6 months but selling due to volume of work I need a motorized machine. I would rather a local pickup, but I will consider shipping. I originally paid 150 for shipping so it would probably be around that cost. Please ask me any questions you have. This is an amazing machine and Ryan Neel is a super helpful amazing guy if you ever have trouble. Asking 1200 and open to offers.
  6. I'm selling mine for 1200. Comes with edge guide, L and R pressor feet and is only 6 months old. I bought brand new from Neels Saddlery and Harness.
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