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  1. Hi Constabulary I have posted photos of the 307G2 timing belt I shortened in the Shops, Tools & Machines Gallery. Didn't realize that was an option, I'm quite new to this sort of thing. Cutting belt to length ( 32 teeth ) I use piece of aluminum angle 1"* 1" as a guide ( see photo )to get the splice taper the same on each end. The only tricky task was pushing the dress makers pins transversely through the belt teeth. As shown in the photos practice with the off cuts first. I placed the pin head on the narrow side of the join at each end. Hope it works for you as well as it has for me, a very cost effective way to get the old machines going again.
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  3. Hi I have a 307G2 that had a timing belt issue. My solution was to shorten a #224195 belt ( E Bay $13.36 AUD in 2019 ) by diagonal splicing, super gluing ( Loctite Super Glue Power Flex, E Bay $ 11.35 AUD in 2019 ) and pining with dress makers pins. The #224195 belt is long enough to practice splicing with the off cuts, however I purchased 2 belts just in case I messed up with my first attempt. It was so easy to do that I now have a spare belt. Lots of information showing how to splice toothed belts on Google. Machine has been working perfectly since 2019 and belt splice still looks like the day it was done. Have a few photos of belt before and after splicing, all too many MB to include. Happy to e-mail to any one interested.
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