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  1. Looking to see if anyone is selling a Cobra Class 18 (preferably) or a class 20. Located near Iowa would be fantastic otherwise would need to ship. Wanted to check if any are for sale before I would look at buying new.
  2. Looking to see if anyone has a Consew 206rb-5 available in the Midwest, closer to northeast Iowa the better.
  3. Finally took the plunge and bought a Cowboy 3200 (used) from someone nearby. This is my first piece. Bought 2 noseband cutouts to start with and already had the hair on hide. Used Fiebing's Leather Dye in Chocolate but need to find one that's a little more on the medium side as this one is plenty dark. The conchos I already had, ordered them from Ridge Stone Conchos (Facebook) a while back. Learned a few things already but excited to get making some more stuff. Have a 24"x24" piece of leather to work on the next projects and have more stuff coming in the mail. I'm hoping to figure out a good process for adding spots and crystals because a lot of examples I've seen (on Facebook from sellers) they do the spots after sewing and a lot of the time the spots are over the thread. Not sure if that will mess with the integrity of the thread or not.
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