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  1. What's the correct needle size for this machine ? Or what size should be in wright now under these adjustments. This because the 332 doesn't pick-up?
  2. How to correct insert bobbin and Shuttle ? There's nothing detailed on the internet about this 24-1 machine.
  3. Today the Adler arrived and I've tried to sew . Problem 1 is that it's not picking up the under threat. The needle witch was already in was broken . So I used a needle that was in a package laying in de drawer . 332 110/2 . Maybe wrong needle size or ? Look at the pictures
  4. Who can tell me more about this earlier version ( ? ) Pfaff 24-1 . There's not much on the internet . A user manual seems to be impossible. There came some nice old stuff with this machine . Incl very old tools .
  5. I see a lot of these on the internet. But the one i own seem to be rare . A 1892 version is from the first year they came on the market !? I'm not sure about that !
  6. Nicely very Nice A question ! I see a lot of Singer post bed versions with reinforcement .. see picture. Are these larger 34k versions or what is the reason for this ?
  7. think that there are a lot of these 34k versions on the market !? Not always for scrap prices but for nice prices. For shoes and inside rucksacks or other not to big repairs i use ( i forgot to mention it before ) an Adler 30-1 machine. A nice one and fully functional . It does 4.5 from the 5 mm stitch length, that's nice after so many years . O ... In the barn we have a fully dismantled Adler 30-7. And the Bobbin case out of that machine seems to fit into the Singer 34K .
  8. I look for everything that i like . Most of the time they come on my path . On flee markets, Carbootsales etc . When i use the machines that i already have i sew everything. Most of the time thick material's. A Pfaff 130 for regular the normal stuff. In use Singer 132k6, Singer 132ksv18 roller-foot with reverse , Singer 45K89 converted into a roller-foot version and now recent that Singer 34K type from 1892 . And this one i think is not for heavy materials !? But i could be wrong . The Singer 132Ksv18 did cost me quite a bit of money. But that was included a lot of materials . Needles en yarn as well. For that one i paid 500 € .
  9. What kind of materials this machine was sewing a long time ago, i don't no . Maybe someone els knows that . How much would a machine like this cost ? On Ebay or as collectable?
  10. Some parts of the decals on top are still visible. It's repainted yes , but in a very bad way . There's a lot of the repaint gone . So I could check the machine in a easy way . At last i used a magnification glass as a second opinion. No holes , nothing . In that area is only a very thin layer original paint left . For now i cleaned a lot off parts in a ultrasoon cleaner . And they look great .
  11. Rare !? There's no brass plate with class 34k1 or ? mentioned on this machine . It looks as if there never was a plate . Only the Singer logo in brass .
  12. A User manual in pdf is already arrived and printed . See quote above. Maybe someday I'll vind one in paper . Parts manuals in paper are not number one on my search list .
  13. @Constabulary thanks for the manual in pdf . I already printed it and every page is sharp . The images as well .
  14. Sometimes you can't have it all haha . I'm glad that the machine is functional after so long in a Barn . It's now a roller-foot type and that's oké with me .
  15. As long there are people like us a lot of these will be saved from scrap yards. But sometimes there's only one option . Take them apart and save the parts that are oke and ready for a second life.
  16. On a new made old look table the 45k89 is in working order . The 8 cotton thread mentioned in another topic is working fine in this machine and with the needle installed that was already in the machine when I bought it.
  17. The mechanism for raising up the roller foot is especially for ? Under what kind of circumstances do use it . And with what kind of materials?
  18. Thanks ! A pm is send . I'm not looking for the parts manual ! That one is already downloaded . A user manual is what I'm looking for .
  19. For me it's just a hobby . And i like the old heavy industrial cast iron machines . Not only the Singers . Modern machines are to expensive and no money is coming back when I would buy one . No work for it .
  20. Does somebody have a correct User Manual for this machine ? Soon I need to clean it in a decent way . When i bought it nothing was moving . With heat and wd40 it came loose. For now everything is moving and it picks up the thread . That's a good start for the beginning . I bought this one for a scrap metal price . 5 €
  21. Thanks for the reply You're answer is correct ! I lowered it into the hole and tightened the bold . When turning the wheel and at some point the roller foot is raising. This machine's weight is 27 Kilo .
  22. Thanks ! for the answer to my question. That's very old .
  23. Is there somebody who can tell me what kind of machine this is and how old ? And when possible explain me please the mechanism on top near food tension. It seems that you can lower this into a hole . Maybe a manual? Thanks
  24. Thanks for explaining! Tuesday the rolls of thread will arrive. The Glazed Thread will arrive. I'm very curious this time , curious about how it feels / looks and the strength. And how large these rolls are .
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