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  1. eBay, again, here goes the 30$ 220v motor on eBay. I’m running 5 of them now. They run 220 and 110. Running them daily for a couple years now. eBay enduro pro 220v is the search. That’s the motor in the picture. Everything I used to make that set up I got out of trash at work…. I got 0 dollars in it. Can’t beat that price.
  2. Not the one you want, but the drawer that came on my machine was useless. Thrift store and 10$ later, looks like it was planned. There were several different treadles in one shop.just gotta deal with the grumpy fella that owns it.
  3. I lay out a stitch pattern, where they will run, tie in, and dead end. I use the stitch groove and punch to ensure my stitch length is as uniform as possible, doesn’t matter to me what rig I’m stitching on. I’ve always done this , it’s what I was taught and I’ve never had a problem or complaint so I keep doing what works. Again, if someone doesn’t have sewing skills I wouldn’t recommend it. In fact, I recommend sewing classes, specifically in leather if someone can be found willing to teach. For 100$ and a 30$ servo i can’t see a down side. It paid for itself first time it was used. I purchased it to see what the mass confusion was all about. It wasn’t the machine. Besides Claes 20-30, I’ve never had another patcher that sews 207, and sews it like it was made too. All my machines are an extension of my hands. If I get a machine and I can’t make it do what I want it to do, I don’t keep that machine. Tools that don’t do what you want aren’t tools, they’re door stops. Same thing I thought the patcher would be. It proved me wrong. I now use it solely when 207 is needed.
  4. Nothing but a stitch groove and 3/32 punch. Once pattern is cut, I lay out my stitch pattern and punch the holes before airbrush and antique. This keeps the holes from showing like they would if they were punched after dye. When using white thread I like the stitch grooves to to be antiqued before sewing. The antique in the grooves really makes the stitching shine. Stitching is the most important part of a build to me. Nobodies paying hard cash for something with shoddy looking stitches.
  5. Thing continues to make cents. Outshining the best patchers in some areas
  6. If a person has some serious sewing skills and uses the machine within the limits it’s designed for, it’ll make money, and believers outta the nay sayers…. I’ve shut down more threads with proof the haters can’t deny.
  7. I made a killing with a china patcher. I have a cobra 29-18 also. I can do things with the china patcher the cobra could never do.
  8. Garyak

    Stingray holster

    That’s exactly what I do. I use 1” plywood and with the tracing, widest measurements on the gun, and a picture I 3-D print it with a jig saw and chisel. I don’t go real fancy. I got a little trick I use in case the gun is loose fitting. Fake (decretive) stitch grooves that I stitch. Guns to loose, pull the stitches on the fake stitch’s not carrying a load, restitch this time going all the way thru to the back taking up an I/8. Do both sides you just got 1/4 of a$& saving holster shrinkage. Not a tear apart. Had to use that safety stitch on this turtle holster. My only send back. Man never could tell how i fixed it. Stingray your gonna have to sand edges and pre punch. My machines have no problem with it, but I still prefer punch. It’s tuff enough to flex needles striking needle plates and breaking
  9. None of the above is happening. I run them daily and have for a couple years now. I’m guessing my two water Wells and their electric pumps that are rated 110v or 220v, and I’ve been running 110 for 15 years now, 365 days a year will burn out now. It was a good 15 year run…….
  10. Garyak

    Stingray holster

    Again thanks guys. The guy I’m building for lives on the other side of Texas and I’ve been doing a lot of work for his wounded Warriors program he runs. I’ve been building holsters with nothing but a paper tracing to work with. So far everything has fit like a glove. 10 more to go…. Hope my lucky streak continues. Mailing back and forth is a pain.
  11. Garyak

    Cowboy Cool

    Select the pic, befoe you submit it hit the button at the bottom of the pic and select medium or small
  12. Same here, Same year. Bought two. Only used one. Still have the other, as well as The extra needle for my badger airbrush gun. I’ve never used the extra of either. Never had to strop or “sharpen”, and it’s never chipped on me. Crazy, when you take care of stuff it last, like the edge of a ceramic blade…….
  13. I have a couple thousand craftaids, patterns, single and multiple pattern packs, and other related Tandy stuff. Most is from 50-70’s and some dates back to the 30’s. My grandfather worked for Tandy then and went on to teach leather craft at the college level at Texas A&I. If anyone’s interested I can post, but it’s many many many, photos. Is there a way to gather them all and upload or is that too much. Yes, I don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to the Internet. Thanks.
  14. I can’t see my eyes man. All that loud music gave me gout.
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