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    for sale - Landis 25

    Is this still available? Do any surf fishing over there? Padre island here.
  2. Garyak

    Cobra 29-18

    I appreciate it fellas. Best purchases I’ve made.
  3. Way late to the thread, sorry about that. The axis patcher is made at the same plant as consew. The axis will use the same parts as the consew, and if I were going to purchase one from Amazon it would be only one I’d buy. They run around 1000$, but drop to 500$ every once in a while.
  4. My 29-18 showed up about a week ago. Surprisingly it had a manual/parts catalog, and a nice, detailed exploded schematics. The only other machine that had a better user manual than this was my Thompson mini walker. Before it arrived I had been searching for anything that had to do with the cobra specifically. I found a whopping minute and a half if watched on slo-mo video dealing with threading the machine. If you were a first time buyer, the manual included would be a better help in getting started than nothing, but If a person had never used a machine before i can see a mental breakdown and a patcher thrown out a window. It did have a bobbin winder and I happy to say, it’s very functional and seems to work better than the afterthought winders on most stitcher. I give the entire purchase from start to finish 5 stars and a heck yeah.
  5. I’m running the SM645B enduro pro 220v. I’ve done nothing but put a 110v plug on the cord. They sound like exactly the same running on 220v as 110v. 110v cannot fry the 220v motor. You’d have to more than 220v to burn it up. There is no noticeable loss in power by running it 110v. I use them daily, I buy and sell them often, and there’s a lot of people out there doing the same. Like I said, directions are in the box. Look at the schematics and parts list. It covers both. Down to the last screw, exactly the same. My water well pump is the same way. 220 ran 110. Just in case, you cannot rum a 110 on 220. They we’re cooking.
  6. I am currently running 5 enduro pro 220v at 110v. I’ve had them for a couple years and they are ran daily. I’m ordering 3 more. 30$ for 220v, 125$ for 110. They’re both the same motor. If you look at the schematics for there’s only one schematic for both. Exactly the same.
  7. Garyak

    Cobra 29-18

    Picked up a cobra 29-18 from LMC. Couldn’t be happier with the machine or the service throughout the sale. Delivered without a scratch…
  8. Bought mine in 93. Still use them. Never stropped neither.
  9. A little late, if they ever have a sale I hope it’s applied retroactively. At least to the folks that just bought a rather pricy 29k from them….. that would be nice… surprise refund…. No…. Didn’t think so…
  10. Garyak


    Thanks man.,
  11. Garyak


    Just keep them stitching holes lined up. That takes a minute. I do a lot of inlays…..
  12. How long was the wait for your machine. I bought one a week ago. I have other patchers and had a few more in the past, but I feel like a 10 year old kid waiting in Santa for the first time. Took me two months to make a decision. I’ll definitely be making videos, because there’s still nothing out there. I can’t imagine someone with no sewing experience buying a patcher as a first machine. I’m not implying you are, just of the fact there’s really nothing out there to instruct. I will remedy that as good as I can. Thoughts on it?
  13. There’s nothing online as far as operating a cobra specifically, other than a couple short how too’s by Al Bane. Mine should arrive in the next couple of weeks. I purchased it to use in a YouTube channel I have planned, so I figure I’ll do some setting up, and operating videos too. I’ve searched everywhere but the dark web. I believe I’ve collected everything on video out there, probably not 30 minutes total. Still looking.,
  14. There’s no way a domestic sewing motor would give you any control over a patcher. That and clutch motors…. Servo will change your life on a patcher. By the way, nice machine.
  15. I’ve seen it advertised and was unsure if it were legal in the U.S. I assumed since I’d never seen it in all the years working with exotics that it was. I’m always ready for something new. I recently found a supplier for snapping turtle and have made some really nice stuff with it. Count me in on the fish. It’s some beautiful leather. Bet it’ll be a money maker for me too.
  16. My grandfather worked for Tandy all throughout the 50’s and 60’s, and then went on to teach leather skills at Texas A&M university Kingsville. I have a few thousand patterns and craftaids from his years in the industry. That’s all.
  17. looking for any hands on experience with the cobra class 29-18. I know of no one who’s purchased one. For what it cost, it should come with a real live cobra too.
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