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  1. That is awesome!! It's really neat to see the progression. You should do one every year ;-)
  2. Thank you! That's super helpful. When did you start your journey with leather working?! I'm just in awe with your work.
  3. WOW! You are so incredibly talented. I'm inspired! I'm new here, and new to leather craft but my goal is to be able to create beautiful tooled dog collars and belts such as what you have here. If I may ask, I am just curious of approximately how much time it would take you to make a belt like this?
  4. Just dropping in to say hello I'm new here from BC Canada. I've had an interest in working with leather for a long time and used to have the desire to go to school to learn how to make my own saddle. It never happened - time marched on and here I am, circling back to the idea of getting into Leather Craft. My goals and priorities have shifted a bit and now I would like to learn how to create custom tooled dog collars. There were some workshops and courses offered locally from time to time prior to the pandemic.. but that's all changed. I stumbled upon this forum and it looks like a wealth of information and resources so I think I'll stay a while and see where this journey takes me. Cheers!
  5. Welcome! I'm new to the forums as well and have never worked with leather (yet) but am planning to! I am also from the PNW (BC Canada).
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